Loves Labors Lost, A Love Letter to Shakespeare

Loves Labors Lost, A Love Letter to Shakespeare


The Moving Company brings to you Love’s Labor’s Lost, co-produced with the Actor’s Theater of Lousiville. This is Shakespeare as you have never seen him before. The Moving Company hollowed out all the dead, dull parts of this incredibly silly comedic farce, and have replaced the framework with lovers from other Shakespeare plays.

The original Shakespearean play is about King Navarre and his three followers who have decided to hide themselves away for three years, and to devote their time to scholarly pursuits. Their resolve is challenged by the Princess of France and her three attendants. There is a subplot about the Spaniard, Don Armado, who is pursuing Jaquenetta, and his rival Costard. Fans of Shakespeare will recognize pieces drawn from Midsummer’s Night’s dream, Much ado about Nothing and they will recognize lovers from many other Shakespearean plays. The production is set against a gorgeous backdrop, with incredible music, song and dance. Costumes range from vintage 1600’s traditonal garb to modern camouflage uniforms, and a broad variety of ordinary dress. The scenes include marvelous slapstick comedy, and touching emotional moments. Shakespeare would be proud.

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Love’s Labor’s Lost was created by the Moving Company & Theatre de la Jeune Lune. It was co-produced with the Actor’s Theater of Louisville, and played August through September in Louisville to standing ovations. Love’s Labor’s Lost was the opening show for the 51st season of Actor’s Theater, and they are giving the costumes, props and set to The Moving Company. The Moving Company wants to bring this incredible production back home to Minneapolis.

This is where your support comes in. Directors Dominique Serrand and Steven Epp, and associates Nathan Keeper and Christine Baldwin want to be able to pay the very large cast a respectable wage for their hard work, as well as the many people who are essential to the behind-the-scenes work to make the magic of a successful production happen.

Rewards for contributions include incredible production posters, and some very lovely limited edition digital artwork. Three lucky people who contribute at least $1000 will receive a multi-course dinner for 8 in Minneapolis – prepared by the Moving Company artists.

Is there some risk involved in this investment? Absolutely. Investing in theater is chancy, on the edge of your seat business – full of drama, comedy and pathos. But The Moving Company has been in business since 2008. The directors, crew and cast are veterans of successful productions such as Come Hell and High Water, Out of the Pan and Into the Fire and Werther and Lotte. They comment that the risk is part of why they love theatre.

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Dominique Serrand is co-founder and artistic director of Theatre de la Jeune Lune, which was originally started in France in 1978, and moved to Minneapolis in 1985. Steven Epp received the Orange County Best Actor award 2014 for his performance as Tartuffe. They might enjoy life on the edge, but it is clear that they are very, very good at it. Plus, as Steven points out in the closing shot of the Kickstarter Crowdfunding video, they don’t get the money unless the full amount is raised. Your investment in this venture will bring a successful production home to Minneapolis.

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