Mini Museum 3: handcrafted collectible that fits in the palm of your hand

Mini-Museum 3—The Museum that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

You’re more Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s a romantic who loves the legacy of Princess Diana. The kids—well, they lean toward dinosaurs, soccer, and of course, their iPhones. You’re looking for something that blends popular culture with history, but no GPS is going to accommodate a vacation that would encompass such a range of interests. But thanks to crowdfunding veteran and museum enthusiast Hans Fex, there’s a museum that can satisfy everyone. Since his first Kickstarter campaign, he’s shipped more than 10,000 mini museums all over the world and now he’s back with the new third edition of his product. The crowdfunding campaign has captured the enthusiasm of Kickstarter donors, who have provided more than $895,000, well over the campaign’s original $200,000 target.

What is the Mini Museum 3?

The mini museum, which contains billions of years of life, science, and history, is a curated, limited edition collectible that’s a handcrafted personal collection of curiosities from the Earth and beyond. Each of the twenty-nine unique, carefully selected specimens is authentic, iconic, and labeled. Measuring 5″x4″x1″, the large version of the Mini Museum 3 is a whole lot of fascinating history in a small, portable package. The Mini Museum 3 is also available in a smaller version, which measures 4″x3″x1″ and contains twelve specimens. Each Mini Museum 3 is encased in Lucite acrylic and protected by a custom, micro-fiber pouch, and comes in an attractive display box that has been designed solely for the third edition. The Mini Museum 3 comes with a certificate of authenticity and a hardbound companion guide that expands the content for each specimen in the Mini Museum 3 to provide even more riveting details of the items.

Mini Museum 3

What are the Features of the Mini Museum 3?

The Mini Museum 3 that Hans Fex has assembled is as old as an asteroid (4,374,000,000 years old) and as new as the international space station. It’s Egyptian papyrus, the bone of an Ankylosaurus, and Princess Diana’s wedding cake. It’s a soccer ball that belonged to Brazilian legend Pelé, a piece of the original brick from the German Cavern Club where the Beatles began their rise to international superstardom, and fragments from the Enigma rotors that enabled British genius Alan Turing to break the Nazi code during World War II. Concrete from the legendary federal prison at Alcatraz, a segment from the first transatlantic cable that helped to revolutionize nineteenth century communication, and a piece of a Viking axe demonstrate the remarkable range of samples provided in the Mini Museum 3. History that’s as ancient as a Jurassic tree and as modern as the famous black mock turtleneck worn by Steve Jobs is accessible in a uniquely personal format.

What’s the Inspiration for the Mini Museum 3?

Hans Fex credits his father, Dr. Jörgen Fex, with setting him on the path that led to the creation of the Mini Museum 3. Fex received his first specimen from his father in 1977 and since then, Hans Fex counts himself fortunate to have met scientists, museum curators, astronauts and adventurers who have made it possible for him to assemble this incredible collection.

The Experience Behind the Mini Museum 3

Packaging so much history into an exhibit that fits in your hand isn’t easy. But with two Mini Museum projects behind them, Hans Fex and his team have a good handle on the details of this complex process. Mindful of the unique challenges that come with the scale of the project, the team has taken every step possible to mitigate any potential issues. Fex promise, “We plan to provide detailed and timely project updates to keep backers advised, informed, educated, and at times entertained.”