It’s Not a Party Without Johnny Cool

Johnny Cool, the Ultimate Cooler.

It’s summertime and the season of outdoor entertainment has begun, but before you pack up the picnic basket or the old faithful tote for the beach or bring out the food hamper for the tailgating party, don’t even think of setting out until you’ve invited Johnny Cool to come along. Johnny Cool is made from aluminum, stainless steel and organic and recycled plastic, so don’t expect him to join you in a game of Extreme Frisbee. But you can be sure that the party doesn’t get started until Johnny Cool shows up.

Johnny Cool’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

There’s never been a cooler like Johnny Cool and the impressive features of this must-have addition to every outdoor gathering are attracting the attention of the crowdfunding community, as the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is halfway to meeting its $25,000 goal. What does this innovative cooler do? A lot more than keep drinks cold, when it’s Johnny Cool tending bar. Early orders from supporters who provide financial donations through the crowdfunding campaign will receive their cooler with a special supporter’s badge that has their name inscribed on it. So there’s an incentive to start planning your outdoor entertainment schedule with Johnny Cool and friends. The manufacturers are pleased that their product is so versatile: “By the water, in the woods, Johnny Cool is all-terrain and perfect for relaxed times away.” As you can see, Johnny Cool is the ultimate outdoor accessory that lightens your load. Imagine a beach party or picnic where packing is a breeze because it can hold everything you need and it comes equipped for both food storage and entertainment. It doesn’t matter if your event has been planned for weeks or if you suddenly decide that you want to enjoy cocktails on the roof: you’ve got the cooler that takes care of it all. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the event and make sure that Johnny Cool is well-stocked for fun.

johnny cool more than just the coolest cooler from Johnny Cool on Vimeo.

Johnny Cool Features.

Whether you’re planning a family outing or an adult get-together, an evening at a festival or a backyard barbecue, Johnny Cool brings hassle-free outdoor entertainment. There are no more long lists of what you need to pack because you can pack it all inside thanks to the generous capacity of the cooler. Johnny Cool has it all in one: a rechargeable two-speed blender that’s perfect for making smoothies; a storage packet to keep the sand out; a detachable mini-picnic table; and cup holder; detachable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a ten-hour battery life; a locker to keep your valuables safe while you enjoy the party, with a key on a rubber bracelet in case you decide to go for a swim; an LED light so that you can keep the fun going even when the sun’s gone down; lightweight, dishwasher-safe organic plates and cups for your food and drink; a divider to keep your dry goods separate or set up like a cocktail bar, but that can be used as a chopping board; a fruit knife;  elastic luggage ties for easy hauling of your beach towels, fishing equipment or whatever else you’ve brought along; a USB charger; a solar panel to keep your cooler fully charged; a bottle opener; a sun shield for shade; a flexible USB flashlight; and Johnny Cool’s exceptionally efficient insulation to keep your food and drinks fresh and . . . well, cool, of course. The contents will stay fresh and chilled for 48 hours.

The specs: a 20V ion lithium battery; rubbery-coated aluminum wheels equipped with ball bearings so that they’re strong and light and can maintain a grip; in fact, Johnny Cool can glide across smooth surfaces, roll across all kinds of terrain, and skate over sand. Colors include raspberry, lime, aqua, papaya, black and camo. Seventeen inches high, weighing 22 pounds with a capacity to hold 58 quarts, this cooler comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Johnny Cool Team.

Johnny Cool is the product of a young start-up company that’s based in Hamburg, Germany. The team is made up of experts who are committed to creating lifestyle innovations that are both fun and practical. They’re also committed to maintaining environmental standards that are sustainable by using ecologically friendly materials. The organic plastic that the plates and cups are made of is nontoxic, manufactured entirely from renewable raw materials, and has a favorable CO2 balance.

It’s taken them over a year to organize an efficient production process and the prototype is finished and in production. The company has lined up manufacturing, production and sourcing partners who are ready to get going to bring Johnny Cool to you. This product isn’t your standard cooler, so manufacturing has required a higher level of tooling, but thanks to experienced partners, production is on schedule. Crowdfunding support, by financing the orders, will be the next step in the process. Plans are to begin shipping the coolers in September.