Nysek and Eddie Barber invite the world to “Stay with Me”

Nysek and Eddie Barber invite the world to “Stay with Me”

Press Release – November 24, 2015 – Long Beach, CA, United States — It gives me great pleasure to introduce the talented Nysek with his mellow and resonate voice. Nysek is an American with Nigerian roots, creating R&B music. You can hear his heritage in his clear diction and beautiful speaking style. But the magic does not stop there. He has created a music album, “Human Race” which includes songs that will appeal to people of all races around the world. The featured song is an original entitled, “Stay with Me.” It is a love song, the emotional voice of a man speaking to a woman, his beloved. To promote this album, Nysek and Eddie Barber invite the world to “Stay with Me” by supporting the production of the single recording and video.

Eddie Barber is a two-time Emmy Award Winning videotographer, who loves to feature musical talent as well as other slices of life. You can view his work on YouTube and his sample video on the Nysek “Stay With Me” single Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign website, where the incredibly beautiful arrangement of the song is featured. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to envision how teaming up Nysek and Barber would create a winning combination.

Lloyd Nysek received his professional training from the Songwriters Guild in Hollywood, CA. This album will be his debut in the music industry. Getting it showcased in a video made by Eddie Barber would create a major springboard for his career. In fact, teaming up two great talents like this will create something great for the rest of us. By now, we all appreciate how an exceptionally produced video can boost the appeal of an already great piece of work. In fact, you might even be eagerly wondering what elements Barber would incorporate to showcase this melodious offering.

Stay With Me

The video composition of “Stay with Me” would tell a love story that will have appeal for anyone in the world. The story of man and woman is a universal one that transcends culture and ethnic background. If all goes well, the single would be released in February of 2016. Nysek’s musical talent combined with Eddie Barber’s ability to tell a visual story will make a dynamite combination – a velvet smooth explosion, that is, that will appeal to both your ears and your eyes. There is nothing like combining superb abilities to bring about a product that will be universally pleasing.

Your part in this, of course, as loyal crowdfunding fans and music lovers, will be to pledge your support of production of this video. Of course, you are not asked to do this without the prospect of rewards. At the lower levels you will receive a digital thank you. At a slightly higher level, you will gain a digital download of the featured song, and for just a little bit more you can get a handwritten note from Nysek. Now, that might not sound like much right now, but can you imagine having a note from oh, say, Elvis Presley or Hank Williams? It is not possible to predict the course of a song writer’s career, but just imagine how much that note could mean in years to come. With a higher donation, you can also receive a copy of the full album, and then, of course, there are things like backstage passes, a personal chat on video phone, or even a conference call – both to be recorded and displayed on the artist’s website. If that were not incentive enough, it is also possible to gain concert tickets for the tour (goes with that backstage pass), and even an option for a private performance at your chosen event and location. Imagine netting that for your club or school! You would be the viewers’ hero for decades to come.

The real deal here, of course, is supporting a promising artist. While there are many talented songwriters and performers in the world, this one is unique. The delivery style is smooth and graceful, the voice is excellent and the writing memorable. As crowdfunders, it is your privilege to be able to promote artists such as Lloyd Nysek aka Nysek. Your help is invaluable to keeping diversity in the world of music and video production.

About: Nysek is the stage name for a talented young man named Lloyd Nysek. He trained with the Songwriter’s Guild in Hollywood, CA. Nysek is now teaming up with Eddie Barber, who has won two Emmie Awards, to create a music video for the featured single, “Stay With Me,” which will appear on his new album, the Human Race.



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