Passages: A William Shatner Watch Wonder by Egard

Passages: A William Shatner Watch Wonder by Egard

 For passionate Star Trek fans and friends alike – and all those who wondered what William Shatner would do after becoming Priceline spokesman – there is the Passages watch. Most of the watch campaigns on crowdfunding websites are raising money to develop some new technological gizmo that can take photos and video recordings, but none of the current offerings have the style and panache – and funding – of the Passages watch by Egard.

With weeks left on this IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, this watch has exceeded all funding expectations by 500%. The original goal was $75,000, and the total stands at over $410,000, due to the enthusiasm of 1,158 crowdfunding site contributors.

Besides Shatner’s crowd appeal, savings would be one of the reasons to add yourself to the crowdfunding platform fun. Normally retailing at just under $1,200 – the price of an airline ticket from a major US city to London – a contributor can save up to $800 by crowd funding the Passages watch instead of waiting for it to come out in stores. Customization would be the other reason to be rewarded for your $399 pledge by the Passages watch, which comes in these styles: Gunmetal, Rose, Black, and Steel. The only reward tier higher than $399 is the $550 Passages Box Set, which includes the Passages watch of your choice along with these accessories: a watch winder, textured leather bracelet, steel bracelet, a Shatner print, and a behind-the-scenes report on a USB drive. Contributors who can’t quite afford the up-front cost of the watch should consider the $50 pledge, which allows a locked-in price of $450 for the watch, to be paid later.

It’s not just Shatner’s engraved signature which provides the appeal. Most of the dynamic force behind Passages resides in Égard, the timepiece brainchild of designer Ilan Srulovicz. With branches in Los Angeles and Toronto, it’s not surprising that Égard watches have ended up on the wrists of well-known celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards, from Anthony Anderson to Giancarlo Esposito to Joe Montegna. Even Cheech Marin and Bruce McGill got in on the action at the 2013 Oscars, which is where statements are made, by anyone who is anyone, in the entertainment world.

What makes this particular watch so special is something that marks the eternal passage of time – star dust. While it’s noteworthy that no batteries have been sacrificed in the making of this watch – which works off of the timely movements of your wrist – this watch is dusted with the stuff of asteroids. The sapphire crystal dome is nearly scratch-proof, unless you happen to have a diamond handy. The rotating sun and moon indicate an a.m. or p.m. status, which could be especially helpful for inhabitants of the northern areas of countries with long summer daylight hours: the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The hands glow in the dark, so even if the sun has set in the Arctic Circle of the “midnight sun”, it will still be possible to tell the time.

Sadly, it’s no longer possible to obtain this limited edition Passages watch for a Christmas present – the next rollout will happen in March of 2014. Only a few thousand watches will be made, so now’s the chance to get a watch that really makes a statement.