Pebble 2 Back on Kickstarter

Pebble 2 is back on Kickstarter, with more applications and with a sleek look that is even better than before. What is Pebble 2? It is a wearable wrist device that keeps time, tracks your calendar, accesses the Internet for weather, train schedules and more. It helps you to track your activities enabling your moves toward better health. The Pebble 2 wrist utility has a new companion, as well – the Pebble Core. The new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is going strong, and is a superb opportunity for crowdfunders to support this amazing product, as well as to boost the crowdfunding phenomena. Every success story makes it that much easier for the next entrepreneur who has a super idea. So let’s take a look at what Pebble has to offer.

The Pebble 2 is a wearable smartwatch that is water resistant down to three meters, has epaper display so that you can read it in any light, and also monitors your heartrate. The long-lasting battery is good for up to seven days. It can keep you in touch with your email and messaging service, and can be voice activated. It connects to Spotify, so you can have your tunes while you walk or run. It comes in a sporty assortment of colors, so you can select one that will coordinate with your wardrobe. The Time 2 is a more sophisticated version of the Pebble 2, with a larger color display and a stainless steel jacket. The battery will last a full ten days under most circumstances. Both devices work with your Smartphone so you are continually up-to-date with your messages, the weather, transportations schedules, and more.

The Pebble Core for Hackers is a tiny device that can fit on your keychain. It is an unlocked Android 5.0 computer that can be used for a variety of functions. A few of those might be: tracking your pet, opening your garage door, sending an email, turning on (or off) your lights, getting a report from your security cameras – almost any small task that can be done with a computer your Pebble Core can be programmed to take care of it. Sim card and Internet access not included. With those in place, you will never be out of touch. In fact, the Pebble Core has the capability to completely replace your cell phone.  It even streams Spotify. Pebble Core for Runners uses the same Android 5.0 computer as its cousin, but comes preloaded with software that will help you to track your fitness efforts. It will record your run/walk/ or bike exercise session. Oh, and that preloaded software? Maybe you’ve hear of Alexa, from Amazon – well, she is on there, too. This is a combination guaranteed to be simply amazing! The Core replaces the need to carry a bulky cell phone while you are running, not only streamlining your ability to focus on your run, but also protecting your expensive smartphone from being dropped, rained upon or lost while you are exercising.

These products are brought to you by Pebble Technology.  You might say that Pebble, based in Red Wood, California, is a Kickstarter super success story. The company got started in 2011. In 2012, it launched its first smartwatch crowdfunding campaign. It garnered a record-breaking $10 million! It is not difficult to see why that might have happened. Pebble watches are reliable; the company followed through on its Kickstarter promises in 2013 – and followed up with the Pebble steel in 2014! It is just possible that this 2016 Pebble Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign might be even bigger than Pebble’s first one. Can you go for another record breaker, Pebble? Your loyal fans are ready for it, and they are rooting for your team – the one that has grown from one single-proprietorship start-up, to a company that has around 130 employees.

One thing is for sure: Pebble Smartwatches and the Pebble Core are both a good deal. The Pebble 2 is a steal at $99, and the Time 2 is an even better deal at $169. Add in the Pebble Core – either the Hacker version or the fitness tracker and you have some of the best wearable computing power around. It is hard to imagine, but you could be carrying on your keychain a device with greater ability than the original computer – the one that took up a whole room. And you can harness this wonder to help you manage the many things that are essential to your daily life, such as getting family members to their appropriate destinations, keeping up with your exercise program, staying in touch with family members or friends throughout your busy day. This is truly a bargain – and an amazing product – that you are going to want to see for yourself, which you can easily do by viewing the crowdfunding website.