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Kickstarter Crowdfunds Real-Life Board Games

Board games are designed to entertain, but as the success of two current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns proves, they can also serve up a hefty dose of knowledge as well. Whether your preference is the menace and mayhem of the Vikings in medieval England or the inner workings of a human cell, Kickstarter donors are paving a lucrative path to board games that explore new boundaries in history with Vikings, Invasions of England; science thanks to Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game, and fun.

Crowdfunding Success for Board Games

Clearly, these are not your father’s board games. Once upon a time, Monopoly was the king of the board games, but the evolution of entertainment has given birth to board games that are able to take a school syllabus and turn it into the kind of enjoyment that you never experienced in class. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game, whose campaign ends on April 14, invites players to compete to build enzymes, hormones, and receptors, and fend off the attack of dangerous viruses. If you never thought of a cell as riveting entertainment, just consider all that goes on inside the human body. Crowdfunding backers have recognized the value of turning science into an adventure; they’ve raised nearly $130,000, well over the original $14,500 goal. The same is true for Vikings, Invasions of England, a board game whose original target was $20,000 and has earned more than $340,000 well in advance of the August 17 deadline.

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

Designed for two to five players ages ten and up, Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game lets players make use of a cell’s organelles to collect resources from the nucleus. The game will show players that fact is more amazing than fiction, a concept which Genius Games developers John J. Coveyou, Shelley Spence, and Tomasz Bogusz have developed with accuracy, research, and a profound understanding that a board game is designed to be compelling and exciting. If you find yourself learning a little bit more about how the human body works, don’t be alarmed! It’s all part of the fun.


Vikings, Invasions of England

There’s no denying that those Viking marauders, the scourge of medieval England, have become popular. Names like Ragnar, Ivar the Boneless, and Guthrum conjure up the Northmen invaders who traveled the North Sea in their long ships to plunder England. The game, designed for two to four players who are ages ten and over, takes from one to two hours to complete. Players on both sides must coordinate their strategies. When the game begins, the English control all of the island of England, but then they find themselves at the mercy of those fearless fighters from the land of Odin as they strike deep into England. Players make the decision when to end the game by calling for the Treaty of Wedmore. If the Vikings control nine or more strategic shires, England is at their mercy. But if the English are able to keep the Vikings contained, they have triumphed. It’s a battle for life and death as the pagan Vikings and the Christian English battle for their land and their God.

878 - vikings invasions

Lessons Learned: History and Science are Fun for Everyone

Sitting in a classroom is no substitute for an interactive experience that proves how real-life subjects don’t have to be boring. Finding out more about Vikings by becoming one in the board game Vikings, Invasions of England teaches strategy as you command your armies and change the course of history. Players of Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game will find that the subject matter is quite different but there’s no less drama, as convoluted biological processes turn into a game that everyone will want to play again and again.