The PULSE Project Kickstarter Campaign: I Am Woman, See Me Pole Dance

The PULSE Project Kickstarter Campaign: I Am Woman, See Me Pole Dance


The PULSE Project’s Industrial Movement is:

a) Pole dancing

b) Pole dancing as performance art

c) Pole dancing as a form of feminist expression

d) Pole dancing as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

e) More to pole dancing than you ever thought possible

f) All of the above

If you answered “All of the above,” you’re ready to learn more about the crowd funding campaign started by The PULSE Project artistic director Brook Notary and her dancers, who turn pole dancing into a brand of female empowerment that’s heavy on the sensuality, sublime on the artistry. Industrial Movement credits New York City as the source of its energy. The city that never sleeps has endowed the dancers with a kinetic sorcery that defies physical limits, as their movements deftly draw inspiration from aerial theater, acrobatics, contemporary dance, and parkour, making the pole a demanding but equal partner in the performance. But for Brook, dance isn’t merely a rhythmic bodily response; it’s a rallying cry for women to express themselves and to be heard.


Brook’s background draws from ballet, gymnastics, martial arts and contemporary dance. She’s performed with Cirque Ingenieux, De La Guarda, and Airealistic, which presents theater that combines footwork with wings to create a performance of dance through flight, working for clients as diverse as Cirque Du Soleil and General Motors. Her choreography résumé includes working in critically acclaimed theater productions such as Elsewhere, as well as for the company Target and musical performer Usher.

After accepting an invitation in 2009 from the U.S. Pole Dance Federation to judge competitions, Brook was hooked. Since then, The Pulse Project has established a core group of dancers who mounted a previous Kickstarter campaign that was so successful it raised 320% of its goal within 21 days. They’re hoping to have the same success again so that Industrial Movement can spread the dancing gospel of pole to new converts.

The Kickstarter crowd funding goal is to raise $21,000 by April 18, and more than $8000 has been pledged by donors so far. The PULSE Project will use the money to pay dancers for rehearsals and not just performances; to purchase, ship, and store five poles and a customized aerial truss; to secure a venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for future shows; to pay insurance, to fund set designs that keep the performances fresh, and to pay for marketing, the technical team, and equipment.

The nonprofit dance company’s ambition is to launch a long-running show in the Big Apple, tour nationally and internationally, hold classes and workshops, and perform in festivals so that Industrial Movement can introduce itself to a world that has yet to learn that pole dancing is a dynamic form of movement that defies previously conceived perceptions.

There are 14 different funding levels ranging from $1 to $2,000 with prizes that include special mention on The PULSE Project Facebook page and program playbill, addition to the mailing list for updates on appearances and performances, photos of the dancers, a PULSE Project T-shirt, private training sessions with Brook Notary, classes and training sessions at the locations where the dancers train, VIP tickets to performances, and the appreciation of The PULSE project dancers and crew.

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