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Campaign Name: Daring to be Different
Platform Type: Reward-based
Type of Plan: All-Or-Nothing
Goal: $16,738
Category of project: Art Books
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Daring to be Different, Interviews with Marilyn, Matthew & Much More



Tim Lienhard says, “I’ve always loved eccentrics–because they dare to be different, because they reinvent themselves every day.” Eccentric is a word that can describe all kinds of people: people who are unusual, or creative, or people who might be square pegs in the round hole of society’s expectations. Artists, writers, and actors are often termed eccentric because they defy the usual descriptions. For Lienhard, that just makes them more interesting.


Over decades, Lienhard has had the marvelous fortune to engage with some of the cultural scene’s most celebrated names as he interviewed them for German and European television. Now Lienhard wants to bring these interviews to an international audience. His crowdfunding campaign needs to raise €15,000 by June 15 in order to tell these stories of international shooting stars whose careers reveal insights into the success and failure that define an artist’s legacy. The fascinating subjects of his interviews are people who haven’t been overexposed in the media, which gives their words a freshness not always seen in contemporary broadcast journalism.

Born in 1960, the German reporter, author, and director combines his appreciation for the ones who march to a different beat with his considerable media experience in Marilyn, Matthew & Much More, which he intends to publish as a book of conversations with people he’s interviewed, whose talents span the spectrum of art and culture.

Richard Prince

This project, now a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, will make it possible for Lienhard to publish interviews, some of them only lasting a few minutes when originally broadcast, in book form so that the world can explore the creativity of some of the most unique and creative artists of our time.

The Marilyn in the title is shock rock’s Marilyn Manson, who has another identity as a painter of watercolors. Manson paints between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am, but he doesn’t intentionally keep what he calls vampire hours. He’d just rather talk to the people who are doing night-time things rather than daytime things. Matthew is avant-garde megastar American artist Matthew Barney, who has made his iconoclastic mark in sculpture, photography, drawing, and film. The “and Much More” segment of the title is an invitation to a series of unpredictable interview subjects, Interested in hearing from model and actor Tony Ward, who also spent some time in the headlines as Madonna’s lover in the 90s? What about the career of high-end contemporary photographer Andreas Gursky when he first got started? Have you wondered why painter/photographer Richard Prince was so enamored of “biker brides”? Other subjects include Gore Vidal, Alex Katz, Tom Jones, Gregor Schneider, Bjarne Melgard, Roman Ondak, Jurgen Teller, and others. These interviews will expand your understanding of the creative world and the people who make their living through their unique talents.


The book will be published in a bilingual English/German version, so €10,000 of the euros raised will finance the translation of the interviews. The rest of the funds will be used to pay an editor and the costs of general editing; financing the development of the form and layout of the book; registering the book; and paying the costs incurred in the final print and production. Art books of this nature deserve to reach a wide audience so that people can come to know the movers and shakers whose talents introduce us to a realm of original thinking. Eccentric? Perhaps. But in reinventing themselves, they are simultaneously reinvigorating the art world.

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