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HAZVENTURE – Promote your Crowdfunding Campaign like a Pro

Crowdfunding your project from the starting line to the finish line sounds so easy, right? Come up with a project, and people will donate to it, right? But the truth is that, no matter how innovative the invention or trend-setting the project, knowing how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign takes savvy, experience, and the highest level of crowdfunding marketing that can steer your project out of the parking lot of dreams and onto the highway of action. There’s a lot of crowdfunding traffic out there, so in order for your project to be able to move fast when the light turns green, you need to know how to promote your crowdfunding campaign. And that’s when you turn to the Hazventure Agency to direct you into the fast lane for solutions to project creators.

The numbers don’t lie: 91% of project creators use social media for the most effective promotion of their campaign; 74% of Internet backers are active on social media; 63% of contributors to crowdfunding campaigns have a presence on social media; and 46% of Americans name Facebook as the number one influence when they’re making a purchase.

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Did you know that a sponsored article is worth ten times more than an ad? With Hazventure Agency doing your crowdfunding promotion, you can select the option that places your crowdfunding PR ads on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News; Forbes, Yahoo! and Bing; Facebook and Twitter; San Jose Mercury News, examiner.com; White Pages, and Bright House, because traffic is nice, but revenue is better. Hazventure Agency brings innovative and practical solutions to crowdfunding-related websites, to project creators, and to all the companies who are eager to be a part of the crowdfunding revolution. If you’re looking for experts to promote your crowdfunding project, the Hazventure Agency’s talented staff brings experience in crowdfunding campaign strategy and management, professional writing, public relations, and social media marketing. They do the promotional work so that you can concentrate your talents on your project.

Hazventure is a digital advertising company that specializes in crowdfunding, offering innovative ideas and practical solutions for project creators looking for a road map to a profitable crowdfunding campaign. With Hazventure Agency in the driver’s seat of your campaign, your audience will be engaged with the kind of relevant content that serves as your own personal crowdfunding GPS to navigate thousands of visits to Best-Crowdfunding-Websites.com and boost your exposure on the web.

Hazventure Agency’s commitment to transparency gives you the opportunity to view case studies of other clients whose successful campaigns were guided by the staff’s high-quality promotion. You have a dream that can come true with a successful crowdfunding campaign. Hazventure Agency has the skill and talent to conduct your campaign. On your mark, get set, go!

Promote your Crowdfunding Campaign like a Pro!