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Campaign Name: Lapa 2
Platform Type: Reward-based
Type of Plan: Flexible
Goal: $35,000
Category of project: Technology
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Track your Valuables with Lapa 2



Keys, kids, purse, backpack, pets, or a favorite jacket – we’ve all lost favorite or essential things and had to search for them frantically. The first Lapa was a success – funded 102 percent in two months through Indiegogo. Now, Lapa Studio brings you Lapa 2 with the same great security, same peace-of-mind as the original – only better .

lapa 2

The new Lapa 2 is so slim, so unobtrusive you can attach it to almost anything. In addition, it is tough. It is water resistant. It can take quite a beating and still function. Attach Lapa to your keys, your back pack, or your kids and it will alert you that it has been left behind through an attachment on your phone. Lost your phone? Just press a button on any Lapa that you have attached to something – such as your keys – and your phone will ring and light up. No more frantically searching by feel under car seats or the couch when your phone has gotten away.

lapa 2

Attach Lapa 2 to your child or your pet, and it will alert you when your little one or animal companion have strayed too far from your side. No more nervous moments when your child ducks behind a piece of playground equipment or your pet manages to slip out of its kennel. With Lapa 2, you can even connect with other Lapa users and alert them that something has gone missing. With extra eyes, important things can be quickly located and returned to you. This is technology at its finest – helping people easily do ordinary things and solving ordinary problems in an extraordinary way.

lapa 2

You can get your new Lapa 2 by participating in the Lapa 2 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. If you only need one Lapa, you can get it for $29, in your choice of one of the three colors – blue, white or black. Child bracelets and pet collars are $10 each, and you can even order special wrapping paper for $5.00. You can also get the Party pack for $150.00, or invest in a distributor bundle.

lapa 2

Stretch goals for the crowdfunder are a pet collar attachment or an Apple watch app, which will be free. You can also win referral rewards for telling your friends and family about Lapa. The more of them that contribute, the greater your rewards for spreading the word.

The Lapa team would also like to thank their contributors to the first Lapa, by offering them a special deal. For each three or nine pack of Lapa 2, they will receive one free Lapa. To qualify, simply use the same email used when you purchased your first Lapa.

lapa 2

So there you have it, folks. No more lost stuff, lost kids or lost pets. Just attach a Lapa 2 onto something that is important to you, and track it from your cellphone. Lose your cell phone, track it from one of the Lapas connected to it. In an emergency, tie into the Lapa network to get help locating important things that have gone missing.

There are a lot of object finders on the market, but none quite like the Lapa 2. It is slim, elegant and unobtrusive – until you need to use it.

Get the Lapa 2: The evolution of object finders HERE!



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