Pozible Review


Platform Name: Pozible
Type of Plan: All-Or-Nothing
Application Process: Yes
Fees for Completed Campaign: 5%
Fees for Partial Campaign: No Fees
Transaction Fees: 2.4% + 30c (Australian card) / 3.4% + 30c (international card)


  • Pozible offers three new differentiating factors: subscription crowd funding, research-oriented crowdfunding, and independently hosted crowdfunding


Possibilities Abound with Pozible, A New Crowdfunding Site


Most rewards-based crowdfunding sites offer a standard lineup of fairly typical options. The organizer goes on to the website to post the campaign, decides whether or not to go with the all-or-nothing or the get-what-you-can flexible funding option, finds out how much is owed to the hosting website, and posts the offered information and rewards. Many of the crowdfunding campaigns offer a great deal for arts and science projects, but there aren’t a great number of options for those who are tech-savvy and independent. Pozible offers three new differentiating factors: subscription crowd funding, research-oriented crowdfunding, and independently hosted crowdfunding.

If you have a campaign that’s really long-term, such as a new dojo facility or ongoing cancer research with an unknown final tab, it would be more helpful for life and taxes to have a steady stream of contributions rather than just a 60-day lump sum. Should your Pozible project accept any one of these four countries’ currencies (Australia, Republic of Ireland, United States, United Kingdom), you can choose between steady monthly subscription options or one-time payments – or a combination of both. This would be ideal for a number of group needs, such as food and beverage networking groups, sports training facilities with an interest in charities, or university trade journals with a need for new readers.

Trade journals also need new projects to write about, which is where Pozible’s research option can be helpful. Let’s say that your economics project or technological idea is too new for a grant, and hasn’t been tested enough for a write-up to be accepted in a peer-reviewed publication. You’re stuck in the middle between ‘publish or perish’ and the fact that your idea is so cutting-edge that no one will pay to see if it works or not. Picking Pozible’s research category will allow you to get both wallets and eyeballs to the communication table, so that if and when the project gains the funding it deserves, the non-academic public has also been educated enough to know its true merits.

Also, while it’s a great marketing idea to be able to launch multiple campaigns and build up a subscriber base, a good campaign takes a great deal of effort to launch and maintain. Not only does it require a lot of persuasive material, including sales writing and a good video, there should be new Facebook and Twitter updates posted daily, whenever a milestone is reached or a stretch goal needs a few more pennies. If you’re an online influencer who has developed a consistent readership on your own website, Pozible’s self-hosted crowdfunding option may be just what you need. Instead of sending people to sign up on Pozible just to subscribe to your latest idea, you can use Pozible as a base jumping point and post the project’s information on your own site. You get to pick colors and fonts, you get to arrange the information however you want, and cash or credit card contributions or subscription amounts from 20 countries can get processed through Paypal or Stripe Checkout.

However, if you just want the plain and simple ability to host a 30-day project on Pozible and funnel chatter through your website, add a click-and-go widget. This rewards-based site is accomodating without being picky.


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