Rex Factor – The Animated Show Crowns King Richard III

A Kickstarter for a King: Rex Factor – The Animated Show

History hasn’t been kind to Richard III, the legendary last of the Plantangenet kings, who, according to Shakespeare and considerable speculation, murdered his young nephews so that he could wear the crown of England. Fate, in the form of Henry VIII’s dad, brought King Richard III to a bloody end at Bosworth Field in 1485. Now, it’s 2017 and Tinmouse Animation Studio is seeking Kickstarter crowdfunding help to dust off the old history books and, in the process, re-imagine the way that history can be told with the pilot episode of Rex Factor – The Animated Show. With more than two weeks left in the campaign, crowdfunding has brought in over $8,000 toward the goal of $19,940. The Tinmouse Studio adaptation for this unique history lesson uses Kickstarter crowdfunding and the Rex Factor format for an animated program that digs into the saga of Richard III, perhaps the most notorious of all of England’s monarchs.

Rex Factor – The Animated Show Crowns King Richard III

Rex Factor Reinvents the Royals

In order to make this project a success Tinmouse Animation Studio is joining forces with the popular history podcast, Rex Factor, blending history and entertainment into a 20-minute, rip-roaring ride to bring out the “story” in history so that it’s accessible to the millions of people who may not be history fans, but can’t resist a lively tale of intrigue, suspicion, battle, with a bit of blue-blooded murder thrown in. During the past seven years, Rex Factor podcasts presenters Graham Duke and Ali Hood have industriously—and entertainingly—been rating England’s royal throne occupants in the categories of “Battleyness”; Scandal; Longevity; Subjectivity; and Dynasty. After presenting their stories, then comes the crowning moment: do these long-ago monarchs deserve the coveted Rex Factor crown?

Tinmouse Animation Studio, Storytellers Par Excellence

Tinmouse Animation Studio, based in Chelmsford, United Kingdom, brings to life the animated stories and characters that have the dramatic allure to enthrall audiences. Their clients represent a diverse gallery of businesses, including Lego, Krispy Kreme, Zippo, and England Athletics. The studio’s animated stories have been screened internationally at numerous festivals. Throughout its three-year existence, Tinmouse has always been on a quest for great stories and late in 2015, listening to the Rex Factor podcast, they knew that they’d found a new source of tales to tell.

The Rex Factor Twist

Founded in 2010 by Graham Duke and Ali Hood, a pair of history buffs who relish a twist of the twisted in their royal renditions, the Rex Factor podcast creates a well-researched, light-hearted, unscripted, accessible approach to the stories that deserve more liveliness than what they received in a typical classroom. The approach has been enormously successful, resulting in more than 2.5 million downloads and a fan base that includes comedian Eddie Izzard, along with kudos in the media.

Funds for a King

No need for a royal levying of taxes to fund the Richard saga; Tinmouse has already self-funded pre-production tasks including the concept; the main character designs; a newly recorded episode based upon the original podcast; a working storyboard and animatic; and three teaser trailers. But in order to fund the project through to the production and final stages, so that the show can be launched in April, 2018, Kickstarter help is needed. That money will pay for the next level of expenses, including animation, scoring, special effects, and the designers and animators who will be putting their passion for animation into the heart of the story.

If the pilot show is a success, the project will continue, with an increase of output and content through Netflix or YouTube. Many more episodes, based on everyone’s favorite kings and queens, awaits an audience that’s eager to do some royal watching.