Slow Dance: Beautiful Illusions

Slow Dance: Beautiful Illusions

Slow Dance is a different kind of way to display beautiful, light graceful things – such as feathers, soft ferns, Held in an austere, wooden picture frame, they seem to move in slow motion. They catch the eye, creating a beautiful illusion of slow motion photography; yet the viewer is seeing the objects move in real time.

Slow Dance for Your Wall

The framed objects held in a Slow Dance frame seem to move in a graceful, slow motion pattern – like leaves in a slow moving frame, or those slow-motion pictures of flowers blooming. It is like having an easily changed slow motion picture on your wall. The way it works is that two light objects, such as feathers, flowers or asparagus ferns, are attached with rubber bands to springs on a magnet. When an electro-controller is turned on, the objects gently vibrate. LED lights in the inner rim of the frame strobe at a rate of 80 flashes per second. The strobe lights flashing on the objects that are being vibrated gives the illusion that the objects are moving in slow motion. By changing the frequency and the vibrations, objects can seem to wave gracefully, or they can seem to jump through the air. Trying different objects attached to the clips can also create new effects and an endless source of wonder and experimentation.

Jeff Lieberman’s Optical Illusion Sculpture

Jeff Lieberman originally designed Slow Dance as a wedding gift for friends. It was so well received that he decided to begin creating these objects commercially. Slow Dance is not his first design of this sort. Jeff shows sculpture internationally – sculpture that shows our interconnectedness and interdependence. His sculptures push the boundaries between art and science. He composes music for Knolls. He holds four degrees from MIT – Physics, Math, Mechanical Engineering, and Media Arts and Sciences. His driving force is to explore how the evolution of consciousness can ease human suffering. It is, no doubt, from this wellspring that he draws such elegant sculpture ideas as Slow Dance. Jeff was also the host of Time Warp, a show about visual perception, that appeared on the Discovery Channel.

Slow Dance Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Of course, it is one thing to design one-of-a-kind graceful sculptures; it is quite another to set a process that will create a run of at least 500 of them. The Slow Dance Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign is intended to defray costs of producing a minimum factory run of this elegantly minimalist design. Contributors can reserve a simple, pine wood frame, or they can pick up multiple copies – something that would be ideal for art retailers or interior decorators. Early in the campaign, walnut frames were available, but as you might imagine, they were snatched up eagerly.

Slow Dance is not only a lovely decorative piece, it can be part of a soothing, harmonious environment. The appearance of graceful movement can be fascinating for both young artists and young scientists. It can also be the object of meditation. These lovely frames that hold three dimensional objects that seem to wave in gentle slow motion can become a focal point for any room. They are especially effective in areas that are away from windows, those hard-to-decorate corners where ordinary adornments disappear into the shadows. Indeed, because of needing light to be effective, those corners farthest away from ambient light will allow Slow Dance to shine at its very best.