Sounds Delicious: A Kickstarter Campaign Connecting Food and Music

Sounds Delicious is a Kickstarter Campaign connecting food and music. Or to be more precise, it is about a vinyl subscription service for covers of favorite music by up-and-coming new music groups. Whereas most crowdfunding campaigns are characterized by energy and movement, this one good to mellow out and relax. There is a good reason for this: Sounds Delicious is the subscription service created by the husband and wife team who came up with Turntable Kitchen, which is all about connecting foodies with good music, and music lovers with good food. Let’s take a look at how this all works together.

The Sounds Delicious Kickstarter video is a mellow blend of voice and music. A very ordinary looking guy in jeans and blue plaid shirt is seated in a rocking chair beside a picture window that has the most amazing view. In a quiet voice – expressive, but very quiet – he explains the way that Sounds Delicious works. Blending with his voice in the background is a recording of Salt Cathedral’s “No Ordinary Man.” Of course, as the video progresses, the picture does change out, and we get to see the vinyl . . . wait, stop! Did he say vinyl? Yes, indeed, that is exactly what the man said. For those of you whose turntable either died or got thrown away years ago, this is vinyl such as you have never seen it before. It comes in colors, sometimes it is splashed with color, or half and half, or it even has a print of a picture on it. And it gets better. There is a nod to this being the digital age, and you don’t have to play your pretty vinyl record; you get a digital recording to go with it. These lovely collectors’ items are created by each band selecting one of their favorite albums, and doing a cover of the whole thing. Some bands aren’t content to stick with their own group – for example, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart are teaming up with Kristin Kontrol and member of Titus Andronicus to cover Tom Petty’s album Full Moon Fever.  That’s a pretty impressive line-up to be covering what amounts to some great music in the first place.

Why covers? Why not new music? Matthew Hickey, the guy half of Turntable Kitchen explains. He says that covers give a new take on previously recorded music, and gives Aretha Franklin’s cover of Otis Redding’s Respect as an example. Redding makes of it a working man who has come home hoping for loving comfort from his wife. In Franklin’s hands, the song takes on a whole new meaning and becomes a feminist manifesto. By asking bands to cover a whole album, rather than just one song, listeners will gain an entirely different perspective on that music. Since the bands are asked to cover one of their favorites, listeners can count on the translation being lovingly done.

Turntable Kitchen offers a unique perspective on music. Among other things, it provides mix-tapes for restaurants to go with particular recipes. For example, the Pains of Being Pure song “Simple and Sure” is on a mixtape that goes with an amazing recipe for lavender lemonade. If you’ve never had lavender tea or any other edible flavored with lavender, I can promise you the drink is utterly delicious – and so is the mix tape.

Sounds Delicious is subscription service. In addition to turning out covers of old music by new artists, Sounds Delicious mails out new albums monthly to members. For example, through the Kickstarter, contributors can sign up for three months. Each month, they will receive a new vinyl album and a digital recording. The digital recording allows the subscriber to play the music without getting those pretty albums all scratched up. The covers are also works of art; these albums are going to truly be collectors’ items. With that three months, the recipient will receive a case for the albums – no extra charge.

If you are feeling tired and disheartened, this is a Kickstarter to go listen to just to mellow out and feel relaxed and rested. The Turntable Kitchen website has beautiful pictures of recipes and a variety of mixtapes to go with them. Now, just imagine having one of those beautiful vinyl albums displayed in a holder on your wall. That would make this experience just about complete. Music and recipes – it sounds like a crazy combination, but this couple, Matthew and Kasey (Kasey does the recipes) just might have something here. Finding an experience in this harried age that lets you calm down, chill out and just relax – that is just about priceless. Your support will allow them to put their plan for making vinyl records and sending them out to you a reality.