Super Sprowtz: A Solution to Childhood Obesity

Super Sprowtz: A Solution to Childhood Obesity

Super-Sprowtz-US-TourTired of nagging your kids to eat their vegetables? Need a vegetable eating, vegetarian or even a vegetable super-hero who is a positive role model? Looking for the next great speaker for your elementary school or teacher workshop? Look no more! Super Sprowtz are here to save the day!

“What’s Super Sprowtz?” you ask. Super Sprowtz are the electronically charged – they got struck by lightning – vegetable super heroes who fight back against the Grease Monster and other nutritional super villains. You can view the series on Youtube or you can invite the Super Sprowtz team to come to your school or event, where using puppets or costumed performers the Super Sprowtz team will show your kids just how cool and empowering it is to eat your veggies.

indiegogo-Super-SprowtzSuper Sprowtz are the brainchild of super-talented, entrepreneurial twin sisters, Radha and Miki Agrawal. They first used their idea at their pizzeria, Wild. Wild isn’t your ordinary pizza place. The ingredients for Radha and Miki’s pizzas start with great organic food and focus on whole grains and vegetables. They are a farm-to-table establishment. They noticed, though, that even with great toppings available, kids would come in and order regular cheese pizza. So they came up with a kids menu that featured…hey, guess what! Vegetable Super heroes! And Super Sprowtz was born.

Even great ideas need some help to grow and spread, however. You can do your bit to help the Super Sprowtz – Brian Broccoli and all his buddies – tell their story to kids, parents and teachers all over the US by logging onto Indiegogo and investing our children’s future. Indiegogo is a rewards-based crowdfunding website that helps entrepreneurs sell their ideas to investors. Rewards-based crowdfunding means that you get something, besides a good feeling and knowledge that you’ve backed a good idea, for your investment dollars. Depending on your level of investment, you can get Super Sprowtz puppets, signed copies of the Super Sprowtz books, DVD copies of the show, your name on Super Sprowtz promotional material as a supporter, or even a visit to your location from the Super Sprowtz team.


More than that, investing in Super Sprowtz just makes super good sense. Parents, educators and people who work with kids everywhere understand the growing concern about childhood obesity. Radha and Miki have found a clever way to make it super cool to have good eating habits. You can learn more about investing through Indiegogo, which made the Forbes list for one of the best crowdfunding sites around. You can also find them listed on the “Best Crowdfunding Sites” website, where you can learn a lot more about crowdfunding in general, Indiegogo and Super Sprowtz in particular.

So hey, Super Investor, you can be a super hero, too! Invest a little or a lot to Super Spowtz, get some super-cool prizes, and help kids learn to love their veggies. If you don’t have any kids of your own to share the rewards, Radha and Miki say the puppets make good golf club covers or oven mitts. Better yet, libraries and schools would love having the materials donated to their library collection.


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