Super Troopers 2 is Ready for Its Close Up

Super Troopers 2 is Ready for Its Close Up

In 2001, a film company known as Broken Lizard Industries produced an independent film called Super Troopers which debuted at Sundance and struck a chord in viewers. The movie’s creators daily received a barrage of questions ranging from bawdy to quirky about the movie, all centered on a single theme. When will there be a sequel? Finally, all the fans who want to know about the view from sugar heaven and chugging maple syrup will be happy to know that there’s a script. The studio has granted permission to make the sequel and agreed to distribute the film in the US and Canada. Filming was ready to begin. But there was a roadblock: funding. In order to get the film made, Broken Lizard had to raise at least $2,000,000. The good news is that by the time the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign concluded, the project had brought in over $4,000,000, proving that the Super Troopers audience can’t wait for more of the fun.

Broken Lizard: The Creative Comics Behind Super Troopers 2

Super Troopers was written by and starred the Broken Lizard comedy group that consisted of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske. The film earned $23.1 million at the box office. They’ve made other films, but acknowledge that they’re best known for Super Troopers. Keep in mind that, in their bio, they introduce themselves as enthusiasts of intense sunshine, Floridian deep tissue massage, and  the advanced study of keeping it realism. Art has many forms, and with Broken Lizard, the emphasis is on laughter.

The Story Behind Super Troopers 2

Set in Vermont, near the border between the United States and Canada, the story is about five state troopers who aren’t exactly the most imposing figures of law enforcement that the public has ever seen. Although they’re better at pranking and having a good time than they are at protecting the public, the fun seems destined to come to an end when they suddenly collide with their job descriptions. Pandemonium ensues when they have to try to solve a murder, break up a drug-smuggling ring, and fight a state budget cut that risks their jobs.

Super Troopers 2 is a Super Crowdfunding Campaign

Within 14 hours after the funding campaign began, 73% of the money that Broken Lizard needed was raised.  The $2,000,000 goal was reached within 26 hours after the campaign began. Surpassing their original funding goal meant that Broken Lizard could deliver on their promise. “We’ve got some big stuff in the script, and if we’re able to raise enough money, you’ll get to see all of it. The more we raise, the more amazing stuff we can put in the movie. More action, more cameos, more shenanigans, and fine, more Farva.” The popularity of the campaign proved that the film had a genuine fan base clamoring for the characters to come back.

What Super Troopers 2 Means for You

Broken Lizard is confident that when you realize what a successful crowdfunding campaign means for you, you’ll be eager to contribute. They’re promising the following results from the campaign: the ability to hire someone who can actually operate a camera, which is admittedly a good thing for a movie project; fancier car chases; bathrooms for the females (men are relegated to the rustic option of using the woods); sexy 70s icons portraying women in positions of authority; Hollywood actor cameos; and other enticements that could only appeal to the tried-and-true contingent of Super Troopers fans.