Sure It’ll Be Grand Bottles Blarney for You

Sure It’ll Be Grand Bottles Blarney for You


No country comes as readily to merchandising as Ireland. They’ve dedicated a stone to eloquence, they have a landscape that’s cornered the market on the color green. Their music is a national soundtrack, their beverage of choice has lubricated the legendary talent of some of literature’s most renowned names, and they have a heart-rending song and a stirring tale for any occasion. The only reason St. Patrick had to drive the snakes out of Ireland is because he, being a newcomer to the land and not an Irishman, wasn’t able to charm them first. The innovative Irish start-up Sure It’ll be Grand has found a way to capitalize on the unique character of Ireland by making it available for purchase, and thanks to a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, crowdfunding backers can help to raise €5,000 by December 15 to bring this project to its successful conclusion.

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No need to raise a glass of green beer on March 17 to show that you’re a real Celtic woman. You don’t have to don a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tee-shirt to win a little affection on St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you can’t make it to Ireland to see the sights and savor the scenery of the land that’s celebrated in movies, music, and not a few bars all over the world, you can have your very own bit of Ireland. Moreover, you can choose the Irish feature that’s most likely to be of benefit to you in your own life. What would Ireland be without Irish fresh air? The green hills, the gold-bearing leprechauns, the very palette of Eire would lose its color if not for the air that the Irish breathe daily like a dram of magic to the lungs. Why, without the singular quality of its air, there’s no telling what fate would befall the Emerald Isle.

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Sure It’ll Be Grand’s revolutionary patented system has bottled the essences of Ireland, combined them with fresh air captured from the peaks of the Macgillycuddy Reeks, and created a tonic for those who, sad to say, are not Irish. Fresh Irish Air distills the Irish mountains and waves of the Irish Sea so that you can have a tour of the senses in a glass bottle. Looking for a boost that only could come from the Irish sages? Then you want A Bit of Cop On, a well researched antidote to the doldrums of life that are waiting for an Irish cure.

And now Sure It’ll Be Grand comes to the real test of the beguiling Irish nature. Who doesn’t want to have the Irish way with a phrase, that home-grown knack for turning words into wooing prowess? For the faint-hearted man or woman who needs a bit of bolstering in order to charm the opposite sex, Gift of the Gab comes from the finest bards and storytellers in Ireland’s realm. From them to you comes the enchanting ease of phrase that will transform your tied tongue into a poet’s mouthpiece.

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Sure It’ll Be Grand is the inspiration of two entrepreneurs from Kilkenny who are themselves blessed with some of Ireland’s most treasured traits, and they’re ready to share these Irish gifts with the world. But watch out; remember that it takes time to master the whimsy of the Irish. Better buy all three bottles.

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