Sweet, Cuddling Toy-Rugs – Babyera

BabyEra Cuddling Toy-Rugs are the perfect baby gift. These hand-knit utilitarian toys are so cute that you will fall in love with them. Each rug/blanket has a toy knitted into one corner of it. The square body of the item can be used as a first blanket, a play rug for infants that are just beginning to roll over, or that special-buddy nap blanket that can travel to preschool. One of these can be that unique gift for the hard-to-please mom who has already purchased all the things normally given at a baby shower.

The Cuddling Toy-Rugs also make good holiday gifts for toddlers. Even the youngsters who are not so attached to blankets, might find these blanket friends a comforting way to ease into naptime or to wrap up a doll or stuffed toy. The yarn from which the blankets are made is non-toxic cotton, and is soft and cuddly to the touch – just the kind of thing to sooth a restless child or one who is sensitive to textures.

The rugs are created and promoted by a mother and daughter team. The mother is a professional artist who loves to knit. The daughter, Anastasia Balanesco, seems to be taking care of promoting these darling blankets through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Viewers can learn more about the company and the blankets by visiting their Facebook page, or you can visit their Indiegogo flexible crowdfunding campaign website. Perks for contributing to their campaign – which is intended to help grow their company, Babyera.net – are Cuddling Toy Rugs. Supporters can get one small rug for $79 or a medium sized rug for $99.00. Smaller contributions will receive a hearty “thank you.”

BabyEra Cuddling Toy-Rugs

Cuddling Toy-Rugs are fully washable. They have been baby-tested, and are suitable for new-borns and up. All of the parts are securely attached. However, the BabyEra team recommends that young children always be supervised when playing with toys.

If you would like to observe the Toy-Rugs in use by real children, view the lovely video of two youngsters opening gifts beneath a Christmas tree. You can see how the rugs are used as toys, as rugs and as blankets. Additional pictures are available at www.babyera.net and in the picture gallery on the Indiegogo website. Take a good look, and then imagine your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or children of friends playing with one of these. More than that, these charming creations can also be used as accents on backs of chairs or to create a cozy corner for an older child – or even for yourself. There is really no limit to the ways these sweet, cuddly Toy-rugs can be used.

So there you have it. The BabyEra Toy-Rugs are available exclusively through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign or www.babyera.net. They are kid tested, grandmother created and approved. On top of that, they are just so incredibly cute, you might even want one for yourself – to use as a throw or as a corner decoration for your own bed. Delivery of the completed rugs can be expected in July or August, with time to spare to get them ready for the holidays.