The Taga 2.0: The Ultimate Family Bike

Taga 2.0 The Ultimate Family Bike.

A bicycle built for two won’t cut it for today’s active, on-the-go families, but fortunately, the Taga 2.0 has come along to deliver a bike that’s contemporary in design and safe in engineering, not to mention just plain cool. Whether your family unit consists of two kids who can face forward or backward or—if they’re getting along—each other; a napping infant who’ll be making use of the feature that lets you recline the seat to a sleeping position; an eight year-old with a water gun or the family dog, you’ll appreciate the many ways in which the Taga 2.0 acclimates itself to your lifestyle.  This family bike’s modularity means that it grows along with your young family, adapting to a day of random errands or multiple children at different ages.

Taga 2.0 Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Taga USA Inc., a company that bills itself as a group of international parents who are cycling enthusiasts, has created a product that’s generated significant enthusiasm among the Kickstarter community; although the deadline for the crowdfunding campaign isn’t until July 17, Taga 2.0 has already surpassed its original $100,000 funding goal with donations of more than $1.5 million!

Taga 2.0 Features

When you check out the features of the Taga 2.0, you’ll understand the enthusiasm for the campaign and its product. If you’re looking for a transportation vehicle that supports your desire to go green, but also has versatility, the Taga 2.0 is perfect for your sustainable lifestyle, and 85% of the materials used to make the bike are recyclable. Here are some of the other features that are winning donors, parents, and cyclists over:

StableTurn Steering Geometry’s unique steering mechanism has an optimized wheel trail and a low center of gravity so that, unlike the typical child-carrying tricycle steering, the Taga 2.0 offers more stability during turning for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

DualBar Handling
The Taga 2.0 separated handlebars allow children and parents to be close, allowing for ongoing interaction. Shortening the overall tricycle length also improves the center of gravity.

Child Seat
With different harness anchor weights and an adjustable headrest, the Taga 2.0 can accommodate children from the age of six months up to eight years.

Seat Positions
The child seats can face forward, backward, or facing each other; the forward and backward options require the separate purchase of the bar).  The seat reclines up to 160 degrees and can be folded compactly if left outside.

Lockable Cargo Box
With the child seat folding down to serve as a lid, the cargo compartment can carry up to 154 pounds, which means that groceries, backpacks, and even pets can be easily transported. Close up the compartment and add more cargo on top if you have a bungee cord to attach it.

Electric Assist
Your Taga 2.0 can be a standard bike or an E-bike with the pedal assist (Europe) and/or throttle (U.S. and Asia).

The Taga 2.0 comes with an impressive number of accessories that include an Accessory Bar which, when the Universal Click-on adapter is added, serves your smartphone; a drinking cup/bottle; the all-weather Royal Canopy to shield against rain or too much sun; the infant soft cushions; mud guards; the Maxi-Cosi seat adapter; and bike rack, along with other accessories which are currently being added.

The child seats can easily be folded down or up, or removed within seconds when you’re storing the bicycle. The frame of the Taga 2.0 can be separated into parts thanks to the quick release lever so that it’s easy to transport in the trunk of your car or carry inside to store when it’s not in use.

The Taga 2.0 remains stable whether its occupants are stationary or whether you’ve hit a pothole, thanks to its rigid frame and disc brakes.

Taga 2.0 Production Origins.

Taga USA Inc. is comprised of parents and cyclists who were searching for a product like this. When they couldn’t find one on the market, they decided to do it themselves. So in 2007, the company was born. By 2008, they had built a production line in Taiwan and in 2009, the first product, the Taga 1.0 Convertible Bike-Stroller, was launched. The bike-strollers, which are shipped from warehouses in the U.S.A., the Netherlands, and Taiwan, have been delivered to 40 different countries. The product has been recognized with the Red Herring Top 100 Award, and Red Dot Design Award and, from the two most prestigious awards in the bicycle and stroller industries, the Eurobike and the Kind and Jugend Awards.

The success of the Taga 1.0 inspired the company to invest in a new challenge. They began by soliciting feedback from customers so that they’d build with a better understanding of their customer needs. Three years later, after incorporating a modern style, intuitive functionality, and ease of use for parents, the Taga 2.0, the ultimate, affordable, family bike, is ready to meet its audience. If you’re reading for a bicycle that is designed for families, give the Taga 2.0 a try.