The M3D Pro

The M3D Pro

Three-dimensional printing has taken the technological world by storm transforming industry and innovation with a bold new direction. Now there’s a new Kickstarter campaign that’s building upon the success of a previous crowdfunding campaign and, in the process, bridging the cap between power users and consumers through intelligent sensor feedback. The M3D Pro, a competitive 3D printer rich in cutting-edge features, is different from its predecessors because of its precision engineering, industrial design and its strong focus on the full user experience. What does this mean for you, the user? Think about it. If the 3D printer knows how to do its job, that leaves you with more time to fulfill the creative part of the process. Your support for this campaign can make an immediate impact on a future where 3D printers play a routine role in everyday life.

What Makes the M3D Pro Better?

The Pro has excited crowdfunding backers because it represents a new frontier in 3D printing. Because it uses lighter motors, the Pro does not have to rely on a single speed that needs to be slowed down. The Pro can be optimized for maximum speeds per print and for saving costs. With the three years that M3D has had to improve motors, the end result is a 3D printer with the potential to be much more reliable than previous models. The nonprint speed can reach 155 mm/s and the print speed of 88 mm/s has been achieved. But it comes down to money, and the company wants its model to be the one that’s an everyday part of contemporary life because it’s affordable as well as reliable. The donors bear out the potential of the product because the campaign has already brought in three times its original $100,000 goal. A successful product depends on customer satisfaction. That’s why M3D Pro is offering a two- year warranty. They want their customers to be happy for a long time to come so that M3D is recognized among consumers as a reliable product made by a trustworthy company.

The Pro Heated Bed

The Pro boasts the most power-efficient heated bed ever designed for a 3D printer. For most affordable, entry-level models, a heated bed is not a standard feature, in part because the power requirements are so enormous that they increase the cost enormously. But the Pro has heated bed technology that’s engineered with high-temperature polymers and glass, providing strong thermal insulation that allows for a heated bed that’s lower in energy. Reducing the power requirements reduces the cost.

What’s So Great about the M3D Heated Bed?

What matters the most about a 3D printer? The finished produce, of course. The Pro has a glass surface that’s made out of the same kind of tempered glass that’s used in cell phone and tablet screens for a beautiful print bottom finish and clarity in an easy-to-clean durable surface. The prints are flatter and broader because of the improved adhesion, with reduced warp. The heated bed supports a wider range of 3D printing materials as it eases and improves print removal, while using very little power. It can also reach a fully operational temperature in less than a minute.

MD3’s Evolution

MD3 got into 3D printing because the company recognized the value that the technology the world and the goal was to make the technology more accessible to everyone. But there were drawbacks: the price of 3D printers was more than $1000; they often had to be put together and users had to learn how to write code in order to make it work. MD3 figured that they could do better by making a model that was affordable and user-friendly. They were successful in that goal and quickly, thanks to their initial backers, became a volume leader in the field. In fact, a number of their features have been adopted by the industry itself.