The Searzall Burns Its Way Through Kickstarter

The Searzall Burns Its Way Through Kickstarter

While Kickstarter is known as one of the best crowdfunding websites for creative art, sometimes the technology project section really attracts a winner. If you’ve ever wondered why someone hasn’t yet thought of a way to turn a blowtorch into a broiler, the Booker and Dax Lab has turned idea to action with the Searzall attachment.

SearzallUsually, mixing and matching handyman tools with food preparation isn’t a good idea, but this is a clear crowd funding moment of ‘never say never’. Male and female chefs alike will be pleased with the easy-grip design of this hand-held searing tool. Equally attractive is the fact that delicate items like low-temperature sous-vide meats and foie gras, as well as cheese and pizza items, can be broiled without the leave-behind aroma of burned things. This chronic issue of torch-taste has been eliminated by taming flame through a fireproof combination cone of alloy mesh and ceramic insulation. This patent-pending cone turns a focused blowtorch into a widespread heat lamp, without negating that crust appeal of grilled meats and cheeses.

Also, the chronic issue of portability has been overcome. The Searzall can arrive without fuss at barbeques and holiday catering events, needing only a fuel tank to operate. There are some limitations, as the creators recommend attaching a propane tank of at least 16.4 ounces for proper effect – smaller tanks don’t have the proper cylinder thickness to work. Recommended brands for maximum effect include the Bernz-O-Matic TS4000 (or TS8000), which will allow a burn time of over 1.5 hours.

The team of Searzall creators is led by Dave Arnold, who’s no stranger to food preparation or the need for quality chef tools. While teaching at the prestigious French Culinary Institute, he met team members Nastassia (who helped him launch New York City restaurant Booker and Dax on the East Village side) and Piper (who worked at CPKelco before signing on as Booker and Dax lab manager). The Searzall, Dave’s first kitchen product, is making its debut on this crowdfunding platform – and so far it has exceeded projected funding goals by 50%.

Extra proceeds from the crowdfunding site can be used to cover impending costs, such as independent lab testing, sunk costs for mis-manufactured lightweight mesh, and the patent-pending Clamp. (If $400,000 is raised via crowdfunding, each contributor of $75 or above will be gifted with the stabilizing Clamp, which works for propane cylinders and wine bottles alike.) The goal is to get the Searzall torch attachment out into the commercial markets, but opportunities on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site remain open until December 27th.

Reward tiers begin at $10, with special offers and recipes, but the best low-cost contribution option is to pay $65 and receive your own Searzall attachment. Those who like kits should consider a $200 pledge, which adds a searing tray, a grate, and a recipe book to the Searzall. True chefs may want to pledge $500 to receive Dave’s cooking advice, or get it in person by contributing $5,000. This Golden Ticket level allows pledgers to spend a day in New York City, learning from the Searzall team and exploring prototypes in the lab.