Fear the Walkers: “The Walking Dead No Sanctuary” Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Board Game successfully funded!

Ready to welcome a few Walkers into your living room? Adam and Brady Sadler are betting that you are. Don’t worry; you won’t be on your own. Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes will be showing up as well. The Sadlers, award-winning, self-proclaimed board game geeks, have created Cryptozoic Entertainment, Inc.’s The Walking Dead No Sanctuary, based on the wildly popular AMC television horror show, The Walking Dead. If you’ve noticed that you’re hungry for zombies more than just one night a week, you’ll find your craving sated by this brand new, intense 1-4 board game that emulates the group dynamics of the series characters while giving you the option of deciding whether or not you’ll support the player who has taken on the leadership role. With crowdfunding donations of more than $256,000, this Kickstarter campaign has just successfully reached its $250,000 goal!

The Walking Dead No Sanctuary

Playing the Game: The Walking Dead No Sanctuary.

Don’t count on a run-of-the-mill survival horror game in which players eliminate one another and as many zombies as possible. Defeating zombies takes teamwork and in The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, players have to work together in order to one. There’s one leader who strives to convince the other players to follow. But what happens if there’s a rebellion in the ranks and the players decide to defy the leader? When trust falters, and a new leader takes over, morale is the casualty. If group morale falls to zero, everyone loses. If a survivor dies, the fate is the same: the team loses. The moral of the story is that, in order to overcome the zombie menace, players need to know how to work together to defeat their common goal if they want to survive.

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Walking Dead Credentials.

Founded in 2010, this premier developer and publisher has established its game-playing credentials with original licensed board games, card games, comics, and trading cards, with products that include the DC Comics™ Deck-Building Game, The Walking Dead™ Board Game, The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game, and The Lookouts comic book. Community is Cryptozoic’s business theme as they work to fulfill their motto, “Fans First.” The company, in addition to its amazing products, also creates epic events that are designed to summon all gaming fans to come together. They’re proud of the way they’ve redefined the survival horror genre with gameplay that lets fans take part in the action and lead it in a new direction.

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Characters.

The miniatures who represent Walking Dead favorites Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Andrea Harrison, and Daryl Dixon are created with stunningly realistic detail. Each player chooses one of the four survivors and the accompanying character board and card deck that give the player the ability to mirror the character’s talents. In order to overcome the six different scenarios which are taken from the Walking Dead storylines on the show, players must cooperate if they hope to achieve the objectives. With a painstaking attention to the real-life models, the creators utilized a 95-degree PVC process to design 35mm miniatures that are sturdy and highly detailed, but not brittle, so that they closely resemble their television counterparts.

The Walking Dead No Sanctuary

Kickstarter Crowdfunding for The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary.

Cryptozoic chose Kickstarter for its crowdfunding campaign because it’s all part of the company’s “Fans First” way of doing business. The company’s leaders like the way that Kickstarter gives backers the opportunities to say what they like and don’t like about the product and the campaign. What this translates into is a better game that benefits from the candid feedback the crowdfunding community provides. As the input increases, the game improves. As the support increases, the game has more to offer. Cryptozoic is so proud of its product, that they offer a warning: this game is so awesome, it may re-animate the dead!