Time Takes Its Toll in Kairo Comics’ Wither

Time Takes Its Toll in Kairo Comics’ Wither

There’s a stranger in town. Name is William Gibson. Ordinary-sounding name, but no one could call William Gibson ordinary. In fact, William Gibson is a most extraordinary man. He has a special power, one that raises the bar far above what we typically define as powers that exceed human ability as we understand it. There are comic book heroes who have superhuman strength, and heroes who can boast that they move faster than the speed of light. Heroes with spidey sense and webs to match, heroes who patrol the mean streets of Gotham in nocturnal guise, battling evil masterminds whose misdeeds wreak havoc and mayhem among a helpless population of mere mortals. There are superheroes and anti-heroes who display almost every imaginable personality trait, physical ability and backstory. And then there’s William Gibson, who calls Kairo Comics his home.

WitherHailing from Tooele, Utah, Kairo Comics is a brand new publishing company focused on bringing you the best in a new age of comic books. If you relish tales of suspense, tragedy evil and revenge, if you like your stories so intense and brooding that Edgar Allan Poe would feel right home in the pages, if you’re on a quest for the comic book world’s heart of darkness, then you’re ready for the tragic tale of Wither. Wither: The Story of William Gibson Issue #1 is the preview issue for what Kairo Comics calls the best comic short series ever.

WitherWho is William Gibson and what sets him apart from the pantheon of caped crusaders with secret identities who are currently fighting crime and righting wrongs in comic book land? For one thing, he’s the possessor of an amazing and awe-inspiring power: he controls time. For another, this preview issue is the subject of a Kickstarter crowding campaign to raise the $4500 needed to produce the first issue. The issue has already been created so the crowdfunding support, delivered by March 6, is all that’s needed to bring the story of William Gibson to print.

But don’t think that once you’ve read Wither: The Story of William Gibson Issue #1that you’ll have unearthed the mystery. It’s not going to be that easy. In fact, just to keep your curiosity at DEFCON 1 level, you need to know that the preview issue has nothing to do with the main storyline at all. “It is just to warm you up to the main character, William Gibson,” explains Kairo Comics Vice President Nick Patch.

WitherAnd what a main character. What a power . . . what a gift . . . and ultimately, what a curse. For within the grip of time, there’s life and death, joy and despair, victory and surrender. What man could bear to be the one empowered to judge when time runs out, when time stands still, or when it’s the nick of time? William Gibson is a man who is not subordinate to time. Yet, because he controls it, he is also its victim. He’s thwarted in his quest to use his power over time to change the fate of his family, and because of that, he seeks revenge,

Enter the world where time tests the man who controls it. Enter Wither.

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