Time for the Third Temple

Time for the Third Temple

The Temple of the Hebrews of the Old Testament, the Wailing Wall, the mystique of a place revered by thousands of exiles – it is the stuff of legends. It is also the subject of dire predictions, its original location in a land that has long been contended, a land of battlegrounds that have become legendary in their own way. Some say it is time for the Third Temple to be built.

The Third Temple of Jerusalem

Plans are being drawn up for the third temple of Jerusalem by the members of the Temple Institute. It will be a marvelous place. It will be built to the letter of ancient specifications, yet it will incorporate modern building materials and modern structural knowledge. Already, there are those who are re-creating the sacred vessels and those who will serve there are now in training. The architects who are working on the plans are not only designers, they are also Torah scholars who are carefully checking the specifications as the plans come together. The Third Temple will be a marvelous blend of the old and the new without sacrificing one bit of the traditional requirements.

Myths and Facts

According to myth and legend, the temple will miraculously come down from the sky. The Temple will be achieved through violence. And the Temple will be closed to outsiders. The reality is that it will have to be built by caring and reverent human hands according to ancient specifications and in line with modern knowledge of best building practices. Once the temple is built, it will be a place of peace and it will be open to all people. Thus, it will become a symbol of unity rather than one of discord. It will take time to put the plans together, to create the 60 sacred vessels, and to train the people who will be needed to care for the temple.

The Auspicious Signs

According to those who are likely to know, this is a good year to begin the rebuilding process, even though it is unlikely that so much as a stone will be laid. This process includes the creation of detailed architectural plans, seeking out descendants of the Tribe of Aaron, and inviting others to begin the training process to serve the temple. Since nothing in this world happens without some sort of financial backing, an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has begun to invite people to contribute to this great endeavor. For those who like a little something for their contributions, tours of the Temple Institute building are one perk; others include prints showing the construction of the projected building, or a preview of the architectural plans. Even small contributions will help finance the future of the Third Temple.

On a lighter note, for those who enjoy a little fun with their more serious endeavors, you can “Give a Toot for the Temple Institute,” by blowing (or trying to blow) the Shofar for Ti Shofar. Here is what you do: Blow the Shofar. Proclaim to the world, “This year in rebuilt Jerusalem,” and donate to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and nominate three others to do the same. Oh, and don’t forget to upload a picture or video of you blowing the Shofar to Facebook! Perhaps you can start a movement, and get a lot more people around the world blowing the Shofar to show their support of the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem.