Top kickstarter campaigns in February 2017

Top Kickstarter Campaigns in 2017

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to see what’s going on in the ever-changing world of crowdfunding, Kickstarter has a carousel of campaigns and brain-teasing games ready to entertain, educate, and entice potential donors. Role-playing is as dynamic as ever and a new tabletop roleplaying game called Dusk City Outlaws invites players to become a master criminal from among eight powerful cartels that rule over New Dunhaven, a fantasy city with an “enter at your own risk” dark side. But if science is your bent, why not bring along the best with Professor Einstein, a campaign for the first robot who comes equipped with both facts and facial expressions, the latter modeled after the one-and-only Albert. Are you a Shark Tank fan? How about supporting Pitch Deck, the game where participants play entrepreneurs with a twist of the absurd, making creative but crazy pitches for startups that will never see the light of day, but will guarantee laughter that’s off the charts. Or maybe what you want is what everyone wants: the DIY Mini Lego Drone Kit provides you with all that you’ll need to build your own RC drone. If you’re drawn toward stories with strategy, you’re going to want to know more about Banner Saga 3, which combines the classic tactical strategy games that engrossed you when you were a child with a contemporary touch for today’s audiences. The strategy is absorbing and the artwork is mesmerizing.

How Much are the Top Kickstarter Campaigns in 2017 Earning?

  • The DIY Mini Lego Drone Kit is flying high after receiving nearly $26,000 in backing; the original goal was $7,523.
  • Pitch Deck is off and running thanks to the enthusiastic backers who have donated more than twice the amount of the original $20,000 goal.
  • With more than $46,000 of its $65,000 goal already met, Scratchpad Publishing is well on the way to seeing Dusk City Outlaws round up the funding for a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • Banner Saga 3’s campaign, with a target goal of $200,000, is well on its way to success, having brought in over $188,000.
  • Hanson Robotics backers of the Professor Einstein family robot project have already pledged over $83,472 of the $99,880 goal.

Who is Running the Top Kickstarter Campaigns in 2017?

Scratchpad Publishing founder Rodney Thompson, a 15-year veteran of tabletop roleplaying games and board game designs, has design credits that range from the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Core Rulebooks to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition, among others. In addition to Thompson, Dusk City Outlaw talent includes Joy Ang, Daniel Solis, Michele Carter, Daniel Gelon, Caitlin Hodgins, Daniel Helmick, Jordan Grimmer, Waclaw Wysocki and more.
David Hanson and his Hanson Robotics team have earned their global reputation by building unique robots that look and act as if they’re real. Robots Sophia, Philip K. Dick, Jules and Albert Einstein HUBO have received enthusiastic media attention and public acclaim, and Professor Einstein continues the tradition. These celebrity robots have done everything but walk the red carpet, as they’ve participated in keynote speeches, interviews, conferences and even 60 Minutes.
When Banner 3’s company Stoic formed in 2012, they launched Banner Saga with a funding goal of $100,000. They were stunned when the crowdfunding community raised more than $700,000 to help launch the game and its sequel. After putting the money raised back into the game development, they’re crowdfunding again to solicit backers for Banner Saga 3. The company representatives explain why. “Kickstarter is still a great way to rally the community to show support for the game, while letting us call the shots on the games we make.”
Kitables is on a mission to create a world of makers. Why do we need makers? First, because building things is fun. Second, the experience of making something yourself can further inspire ideas, innovation and problem solving. The company’s previous regular-sized Lego Drone garnered such popularity that Kitables thought a mini kit, which costs less money while delivering the same amount of enjoyment, was the logical “less is more” direction for a campaign.

Pitch Deck is the brainchild of Fred Benenson and Alex Hague who also created Monikers and Emoji Dick. The duo describes Pitch Deck as their take on the genre of improv games, inspired by Funemployed, Snake Oil and Superfight, but with their own twisted touch. They’ve incubated an idea that works for both introverts and extroverts while inspiring everyone’s creativity. It’s the fun of improv boiled down to a five-second pitch with a dash of satire.
H2 Meet the Top Kickstarter Campaigns of 2017
Dusk City Outlaws players, the “Right Kind of People,” as they’re referred to among the crew, take on a Job that’s brokered by a third party. The eight crime cartels each have their own turf, specialties, motives and methods. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all free agents; the Arrangement binds them by avoiding infighting. The outlaws know that they have enough enemies outside their circle and they don’t need to go to war with each other. Besides, what’s the goal of any good outlaw? To get rich! When there’s a Job to be done, the crew gets to work, comes up with a plan, does the legwork that sets the plan in motion, pulls off the plan and then, ultimately, strives to survive long enough so that they get paid.

From the outlaws to the outrageous, Pitch Deck offers the opportunity for the most creative entrepreneurial ideas that defy belief. Every thought of how you’d promote idea of platonic cuddling? How about human centipedes? Players get the opportunity to give a brief elevator pitch outlining a crazy, useless, unbelievable item or activity provided by their business. If you’re ready to engage your creativity and your sense of humor in a business plan for laughter, Pitch Deck is a must for your next party game.
The final game of an award-winning trilogy, Banner Saga 3 is a role-playing game combined with turn-based strategy that leads gamers on a Viking adventure. In Banner Saga 3, nothing can be taken for granted. Every decision that you make and every encounter that engages you has far-reaching consequences. You’ll have a roster of more than 40 unique characters to pull from in order to build your party. Each character has different abilities and each unit has a unique combat style, but the key feature is how they work together. Choose your roster well because it’s clear that it will equal more than the sum of its parts.
Not all of the campaigns are designed for pure entertainment, but there’s something inherently entertaining about the concept of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Albert Einstein as a 14.5-inch tall robot. We’ve all heard about the importance of nurturing the budding scientists in our schools and now there’s a way to bring the twentieth-century’s most celebrated scientist—complete with iconic hairstyle—into the home. Professor Einstein, with his expressive face (he can even stick out his tongue) is the ideal study buddy. With the help of the cloud-connected Stein-O-Matic app, the diminutive robot can answer questions and play games, introduce you to time travel and take you on a journey through space. Professor Einstein can even help earn IQ points that can be used for bonus games, avatar upgrades and special items.

What the Top Kickstarter Campaigns of 2017 Provide

Scratchpad Publishing’s Dusk City Outlaws also offers a way for players to discuss the game and build the community by joining the discussion at Dusk City Outlaws Google+ community. The game’s designers will also pop in from time to time to answer questions about the rules, explain design philosophies and offer insights into the game.

For those people who want to build things but have no idea where to start, Kitables kits offers an all-around better building experience to challenge both novice and experienced uses. The company’s goal is to make DIY projects accessible for everyone.

Banner Saga 3, which draws upon the fascinating realm of Norse mythology, engages its players in a mature, adult story that includes forming relationships and making tough decisions.

For Hanson Robotics, the key to Kickstarter success is the company’s brand and its innovative ability to offer an affordable family robot. The donors who are helping to shape the world of robots are part of the team that’s paving the way for the next generation of scientists.

Pitch Deck designers discovered that during the testing of the game at festivals and with friends, participants loved the camaraderie that Pitch Deck provided as the hidden creativity of the players was revealed.