Ttanti Says, “Take Your Time.”


Time and instant gratification are polar opposites in today’s “hurry up, you’re late” world where seizing the moment means losing the essence of that very moment. Our timepieces should be our defense against a culture that rushes us headlong into the next moment before we’ve had time to savor the current one. That’s the essence of Ttanti Watches, with their call to live in the moment. Ttanti is imbued with Swiss-made efficiency, Chilean craftsmanship and now, crowdfunding support for a product design that reflects how life should be lived: simply and beautifully. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which ends on January 6, 2016, is seeking $30,000 from supporters who are looking for a watch that tells them the hours and minutes while celebrating the times of their lives.

Ttanti Watches

The Travelers Collection watches are designed in Patagonia, Chile, a remote location where time has learned not to hasten the day away. In today’s tech-driven world, it’s all too easy to be convinced that time is moving so fast that it’s passing us by. But Ttanti urges us to slow down, open our eyes, open our minds, enjoy our lives, and follow the essence of our own personal journey.

Ttanti Watches

The Chilean artisans who create the wood watches have been working with the beautiful Patagonian wood from fallen trees, giving those trees a new life that extends the feeling of eternity from the original Lenga, Aromo, or Roble tree to your wrist. By wearing the watch, you will absorb the Patagonian experience, which means that not only the natural beauty of the creativity comes through, but also the philosophy of the craftsmen, who instill their passion, tradition and skill into every watch. Instead of hugging a tree, why not try wearing one and still preserve the ecological balance?

Ttanti is an accessory that doesn’t just tell you the time. It reminds you that time is meant to be enjoyed without pressure and without hurrying. The self-reflection that comes naturally to people who live at the end of the world is conceptualized within the timepieces.

Ttanti Watches

The leather straps which come directly from Patagonian tanneries and don’t use any chemicals or processes are all created by hand. The straps have been created so that switching is easy; all you need to do is to slide the belt back and it comes right off without difficulty.

The factory in Switzerland requires three-four months to finish the product in order for it to be slipped back to Chile where the artisans can handcraft the wood and leather for the watch. Shipping begins in May, 2016; the cost includes the insurance charge so that your watch is protected during delivery.

Ttanti Watches

Each watch comes with a one-year warranty to cover any functional defects. After working with their manufacturers for nearly a near to develop the prototypes and built a professional working relationship, Ttanti is confident that the shipping deadlines will be met. On time.

The pace of life is a lot different in Patagonia. Ttanti invites you to share the adventure of life with a watch that will allow you to keep time in a brand new way. Relish the experience of time well spent with Ttanti watches and sample life at a brand new pace.

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