TWO WAY Fillet: A Better Way to Fillet

TWO WAY Fillet: A Better Way to Fillet


The wholesome and satisfying practice of fishing and catching your dinner loses some of the romance when said dinner has to be cleaned in order to be eaten. Two friends, busily cleaning their catch end ending up with very sore thumbs by the end of the process, decided that they’d had enough and there had to be a better way to fillet. What started with a messy process has ended with crowdfunding, as their TWO WAY Fillet fish cleaning system is now an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $60,000.

Fish Cleaning System

From the lake they went into the garage where, with the aid of a clamp and a board, they found that they’d solved the problem. They were surprised to discover that there was no comparable product in the patent system, so they promptly submitted a patent application. What resulted was a utility and process patent for the TWO WAY Fillet fish cleaning system that keeps the meat and leaves the bones behind. The device makes cleaning fish faster and safer and less wasteful. It also makes it less gruesome, rendering the fish-cleaners less likely to be cut or scraped after the process. Not only that, but the invention is so efficient that, by easing the pressure on your hands and thumbs, it’s like gaining a third hand.

The secret is the design. TWO WAY FIllet positions the fish on its side when the clamp is snapped into the board, replacing the thumb and forefinger of the fisherman. The slippery fish is anchored to the fillet board on its side; whether you’re a novice or a “compleat” angler, you’ll be able to fillet your catch with confidence, safety, and accuracy.

Fish Cleaning System

Angler and inventor John Stone grew up in the state of Indiana where fishing was a family tradition that he learned from his grandfather, father, and uncle, his brother and cousin. He didn’t fish as often after college, then family took up his time, but as he got older, he started to take his daughters fishing with him. Now adults, the daughters married men who are also fishermen; one of his sons-in-law is part of the TWO WAY Fillet development team.

The crowdfunding income will be used for the following:

Fund CAD drawings and prototyping ($4,500)
Injection mold tooling for the fillet board ($24,000)
Injection mold ($16,000)
First production run of 1,500 ($15,000)
Funding for the first 12 months

All funds raised over the goal will be used for the ongoing patent expenses, increased production, and the costs of travel to sports show displays and advertising.

 Cover Only 2015 Draft FilletBoard Manual Nov 1 2015 design

The response from other fishermen (and fisherwomen) has been enthusiastic. A professional angler told Stone that he had never before found a production fillet board better than the one that he used, but after sampling the TWO WAY Fillet, he wanted one for his own use. By attending sports and fishing shows to demonstrate the device, and meeting with sports shops and retail stores, Stone will continue to promote the invention to an appreciative audience.

Even the most dedicated angler finds the cleaning to be unpleasant, messy, and frustrating. The fish slips all over the place and the sharp edges of fins and knives are a menace. But the TWO WAY Fillet fish cleaning system can change that experience.

What’s the end result? More fish with less work!

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