Upgrade your carbon footprint with Kickstarter

What’s Your Kickstarter Footprint?

We hear a lot about our carbon footprint as we seek to find ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Kickstarter has heard it too, and is currently running two crowdfunding campaigns where footprints are definitely the theme. There’s a new motif in contemporary living that combines healthy living with style, and the success of the crowdfunding campaigns demonstrates that people who want a healthier lifestyle are quite willing to emphasize the “style” part of life. The EcoQube Frame is the best vertical garden that grows vegetables that are ten times more nutritious than what you’ve been buying or grows succulents easily and affordably in a low-maintenance, sustainable model. That’s improving life from the head down. But when you get to the bottom, take a good look at the footwear. The Ace Marks handcrafted dress shoes have been reinvented for the modern gentleman. Who’s that? That’s you! Keep reading, because your quality of life is about to improve . . . from head to toe!

Style, Swagger and Sustainability in Your Ace Mark Shoes

Ace Mark shoes are made from hand-selected full-grain calfskin leather that, thanks to its lightweight Blake Flex construction and leather outsole, gives your foot easy, effortless movement. Common pressure points around the heel and mid-foot are reduced for a fit that’s comfortable; stress is relieved thanks to the cushioned leather insole which molds to your foot as time passes providing even more comfort. The supple calfskin lining keeps your feet dry and cool. Ace Marks believes in comfort and style, but they also strive to deliver the highest quality product at a market-disruptive price by cutting out the middlemen. As Ace Marks says, “Luxury doesn’t have to cost a small fortune!”

handcrafted dress shoes

The EcoQube Frame Gives You a Smart and Affordable Indoor Garden

The EcoQube Frame’s all-natural, 100% compostable fibers give seeds just enough water to thrive without turning moldy or getting soggy so that you can garden without mess.
The EcoQube Frame doesn’t provide you with shoe swagger, but going green brings its own swagger, particularly when you’re growing up to $20 worth of fresher, more delicious microveggies in just ten days. You can grow your dinner in your kitchen, or you can create decorative arrangements in your living room, or cultivate a garden in your bedroom. Whether you’re beautifying your home or growing tasty vegetables, your EcoQube Frame makes gardening simple for everyone. You’ll have perfect conditions to enjoy a sizable harvest every month of the year, with a growing season that doesn’t depend on Mother Nature.


Kickstarter Crowdfunding for Style, Substance, and Success

Both campaigns have the numbers to prove that supporters like what they see in the EcoQube Frame and the Ace Marks shoes. Crowdfunding donations of more than $115,000 have far surpassed the original EcoQube Frame’s goal of $10,000 so that the campaign, which ends on May 12, can look forward to beginning delivery in December, 2017. Think ahead to the holidays—why not put a garden under someone’s Christmas tree?
Ace Marks started with a $20,000 crowdfunding goal and a promise to offer a $600 Italian dress shoe for less than $200. Now that the campaign has brought in more than $500,000, Ace Marks, with craftsmanship that has been thriving for four generations, is confident that it’s going to be a lot easier for today’s gentlemen to put their best foot forward once delivery gets underway in the summer.

More Than Just Food and Footwear

Today’s stylish person doesn’t just look good and feel good, he’s doing good. Ace Marks sponsors the Leave Your Marks Program to incentivize giving back. Every time you purchase a new, full-priced pair of Italian luxury Statement shoes from www.acemarks..com, Kickstarter supporters get great shoes, a $60 credit, and the chance to change someone’s life. Ace Marks donates the pair of Ace Marks that you upgraded to Career Gear to help men who are entering the workforce, so that they can stay employed, become role models, mentor to families and communities, and gain confidence from the ground—or feet—up. No other luxury shoe company does this, and since the company’s first Kickstarter campaign, Ace Marks has donated more than $15,000 in luxury shoes to this very worthy endeavor. EcoQube has the same zeal to make the world better. By introducing vertical farming, EcoQube eliminates the need for pesticides, reduces the spoilage that’s an inevitable part of transporting perishable produce across thousands of miles, and limits the carbon footprint of farm tractors and refrigerator trucks.