Use Coupon Code BCW10 Get 10% OFF The Gadget Flow to List your Crowdfunding Project

Use Coupon Code BCW10 Get 10% OFF The Gadget Flow to List your Crowdfunding Project

Coupon Code BCW10 for Gadget Flow is available to Best Crowdfunding Websites campaigners. This code will give BCW users 10 percent off when purchasing advertising and listing services from Gadget Flow. Gadget Flow is a wonderful website that promotes products from ecommerce merchants and crowdfund campaigners. You can register with Gadget Flow at two levels: as a shopper or as a merchant.

As a shopper you register by clicking the sign in prompt, and then selecting register. Create user name, password. Complete your profile by adding your Facebook page, your Twitter page, setting your Wishlist to public or private, and setting the background image for your list.

At the My Feed prompt you will select from list of categories the ones about which you wish to be notified. There are so many from which to choose: t-shirts, eco-friendly, for women, for men, for kids, for parents, toys, gadgets, tools and many more. And great for this time of year: Gift ideas from $1.00 – $20.00. You must select at least four categories, but you may select more.


Once you save your selections,“My Feed” pops up a list of products. And . . . Oh, WOW! Goodies galore. My personal favorites are Troggball, Little Storybook, Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth, Jamstik, Supershelf, Wear n write, and the Clip and Strain by Chef’s Planet. I didn’t see a better mousetrap, but I did see the Dainty Retro Mouse Ring – so cute! To Learn more about products: Click on the picture of the item you select, then Click “Add to Wish List” to save a list of your favorites.

Recommended: Daily updates of staff recommended products – more about that when discussing the merchant side of Gadget flow. Like “My Feed” this area displays a number of interesting and innovative items.

Trending: Shows the latest gadgets on Gadget Flow – such as the Arc Pendant, a smart body monitor that will work off Bluetooth technology. It is a “Make It Wearable” competition finalist. The pendant monitors body systems and even location and uses small vibrations to cue the wearer to speed up, slow down or turn left or right – all without having to look at a phone screen. It can function as a bio-feedback device, and it can connect with other devices.

The Discounts and Deals page is where you can locate special values. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal? The little green thumbs-up symbol on this page means “recommended” and the yellow percent sign means that it is discounted.

The Blog: Features review articles by staff writers. One that caught my eye was the Oomph – a portable one-cup coffee maker that doesn’t need anything other than ground coffee and hot water to create a perfect cup of coffee for busy people who are always on the go.


If this sounds like a place where you want to list your product, the process is user-friendly, and the reviews are positive. Gadget Flow’s discovery platform has 7 million monthly visits, 100,000 subscribers, and they have helped over 3000 customers with promotion thus far. You can use the coupon code BCW10 for 10% OFF all of their services to promote your project.

To get started, Click on the three dots at the top of the Gadget Flow Home Page. That will take you to the List Your Product Page, where you can watch the video about Gadget Flow and you can download the media kit.

Gadget Flow offers four packages for listing your product.

If you are thinking of submitting your product to Gadget Flow, fill out the online application that includes your name, your email, your product title, product link – such as the location on your website or your crowdfunding campaign website, enter your Coupon Code BCW10Best Crowdfunding Websites’ complimentary perk for our website users, and hit the “apply” button, select your package and write out a description of your product design. Then click “Proceed to Check out,” where you will pay for your selected service.


Gadget Flow will get back to you within 10 minutes, and will ask for high-quality photos of your product. Once those are uploaded, your product will be live within 48 hours.

Users report that Gadget Flow significantly boosted the success of their product or crowdfunding campaign. Rapid Lite CEO stated that they received 100 percent funding in less than 12 hours. Luna or Eightsleep as it is now called, reports that the company was quick to respond to their needs and were able to work with Indiegogo to help raise funds.

At Best Crowdfunding Websites, powered by SMT Agency, your success is always our key goal. As we have often said, your success is our success. It is to this end that we offer our customers Coupon Code BCW10 to help make this valuable service available to you. We believe that Gadget Flow represents an excellent opportunity for our crowdfund campaigners to promote your crowdfunding project.