How about using twitter for your crowdfunding campaign?

Using Twitter for your crowdfunding is the fastest way to build a successful crowdfunding campaign. Your hashtag is your identity card for a campaign that makes it possible for you to promote your crowdfunding on Twitter and engage with the millions of followers who can become part of your audience. With tweets, re-tweets, a spark that ignites the interest of others, and a few words of advice, you’ll be able personalize your campaign, tell your story, and enlist the interest of others who share your goals. A few easy suggestions can tell you what time of day is the best time to tweet for different demographics; how asking followers to re-tweet can influence your campaign and build your community; how many spaces should you leave for a re-tweet? Social media, which has rewritten the rules for social activism, entrepreneurship, and communication, can be your best ally in your effort to mount a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Using Twitter for Crowdfunding Tells Your Story in Tweets

Your goal is to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign and when you evaluate your potential audience, those 500 million registered Twitter users are looking very inviting. You already know that social media is the key to a crowdfunding campaign that attracts notice. Although crowdfunding has existed in evolving forms for a very long time, you could say that for the modern era, crowdfunding was reborn was when the Internet and Twitter finally got together for a storybook romance. Everyone was invited, everyone was thrilled at the news that these two communication icons realized how much they had in common. They’ve had many techchildren, and one of their numerous offspring, crowdfunding, has received its official cyberbaptism as social media’s most successful child in the commercial field. Now, you want to know how using Twitter for crowdfunding can make the difference in your own campaign.

using twitter for your crowdfunding

The celebration has never ended as Twitter continues to be a major communication tool of social media, with millions of users. But what can you do to bring as many of those 500 million Twitter users as possible to your party? First of all, you need to know your campaign. You might be launching a crowdfunding campaign that’s going to locate the long-lost treasure that the pirate Blackbeard buried over three hundred years ago. With this fabulous stash, you’ll going to solve global warming. After the ills of ecological mayhem have been fixed, world peace will result. That’s great! Who can resist world peace? Only those who don’t know about your campaign, and that’s where using Twitter for crowdfunding comes in.  Plan your story and make it compelling and succinct so that you can share it with the Twitter followers who are going to support your campaign. What’s so great about Twitter? Think of a tweet as a miniature status update on Facebook, but with exponential power because every single tweet can reach every single Twitter follower’s feed. Minimum effort leads to maximum exposure, so make it count.

When you’re using Twitter for crowdfunding, make use of the personal effect in your tweets and share your own story. Why should they agree to help you? How do you find the people who are passionate for your campaign? Because with their help, you’re going to bring about world peace, and everyone wants world peace. But your compassion and enthusiasm need to be contagious; you want your tweets to spread like a cold, minus the sniffles.

Creating the Hashtag that will Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Using twitter for your crowdfunding

When you were a kid, remember how much you wanted to have a cool nickname? A cool nickname was a sign that you belonged to the group and that you had a defined place within it. Think of the hashtag as your campaign’s nickname; keep it relevant and easy to search. You’ll link up with other spheres of the Twitter community which will enhance your campaign’s visibility and make it more likely that your tweets will be retweeted.

When you send out tweets, don’t forget to “#” the words and phrases that are connected to your crowdfunding campaign so that people can find you. Be judicious in your use of the #tags so that your messages don’t come across as spam.

Check out the rest of Twitter to find out if someone is involved in a similar project to what you’re doing. Should you join in or should you be the one to get the conversational tennis ball volleying back and forth across the net? Their audience might be your audience. Make use of the connective tissue of Twitter to build a network of like-minded people, starting with the people you know. They may share some of your views; can you encourage them to share your vision? Nonprofits are a good place to search; people who are altruistic and earnestly desire to change the world are often already donors to good causes; their donating muscles are flexed and ready to spring into action. Twitter, by scanning your email’s address book, will be able to locate the world that is already connected to you electronically.

How Social Media Can Spotlight Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

What attracts attention? Something that stands out, right? Can you channel your inner “you” into your tweet? It’s not enough to say you want to save the world; the Twitterverse needs to understand why you’ve decided to do this, why you’re the one who can do it, and what happens when they help you achieve your goal. Let your voice be heard. Your Twitter followers need to feel that they know you, and they can best do that if you convey a personal sense of yourself. Don’t be afraid to stir things up. That doesn’t mean that you need to cause a social media storm in order to attract attention, but, regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, making the claim that his limitless supply of hot air is a major contributor to greenhouse gases is more likely to evoke a response to your accusation rather than tangible support for your campaign. Not only that, but The Donald is quite likely to tweet back and take your campaign down a very different path than what you intended.

One way to stir up interest without stirring up animosity is to pose questions of your followers. Questions are irresistible, and people love to answer them. Want to catch their eye? If a picture is worth 1000 words, what’s the return on investment for a Twitter image? Every photo that you share is added to a photo gallery with the initial six photos showing up on your profile page. Tell your story in images, making sure to signal people by adding [PIC] to let them know that link is a photo.

Tweets with 100 characters or less are 17% more likely to get noticed than a longer tweet. In short, save War and Peace for your book club. Say what you need to say briefly, succinctly, and memorably. Here’s another number to pay attention to: by using Twitter for crowdfunding, you can ask Twitter followers to retweet. And if those followers use the complete word “Retweet” and not the familiar “RT,” the retweet rate goes up 23 times. The math is simple; don’t forget to leave space so that your tweet contains your @username and the RT; a good rule of thumb is to leave 25 characters of free space.

After you’ve decided that you’re using Twitter for crowdfunding, and your message is ready, the next thing you need to do is decide on your audience and when is the best time to reach them. If you’re hoping to attract a middle-aged audience, don’t post your Tweets at two o’clock in the morning; that’s when they’re sleeping. You can reach them around lunchtime, or after 5:00 pm, when they’re getting home from work. But if you’re targeting a younger set, the clock is less confining, because for young people, social media is 24/7 communication. Check out how to use Social Media for your Crowdfunding Campaign in this article.

But once is not enough! Send them out over the course of a day: not so few that they get lost, and not so many that they look like spam. Remember that everything that you learned when you were young about sharing is still true when it comes to using Twitter for a successful crowdfunding campaign. Who are the Twitter users in your niche? Retweet! By finding the tweets from other people and retweeting them, you’re sharing opportunities with your own followers and there’s a very good chance that the person who made the original post will show his or her gratitude by returning the favor and re-posting or re-tweeting something from you. You’ve connected with their followers and the result is an increase in your own audience. It can actually be a very simple process. Why not just add “Please retweet” at the beginning of your tweet? It can increase your shares as many as four times.

All those kindergarten rules are starting to pay off, aren’t they? Thank the person who re-tweeted your message and your courtesy will be appreciated. Thank you isn’t the only word that rewards on Twitter; please is popular too, and effective. If you just ask your followers to re-tweet you, many of them will be glad to help.

The more the merrier is a good philosophy when you’re using Twitter for crowdfunding. Twitter Influencers can help. They’re people with so many followers that they’re instant pied pipers for someone else’s campaign if they support your cause. There are famous people who have as much influence as they have followers and while it’s not easy to get them to notice you, if they do, you’ll be pleased with how that shared spotlight can give a celebrity glow to your campaign

Using Twitter for crowdfunding is a dynamic way to bring the world to your campaign. You’re building a community and enlisting support for a worthy cause. Social media is simultaneously the quickest and coziest way to make your message count, and look at the results. Maybe world peace, a planet that’s cared for . . . now, about that pirate treasure . . .