Vi: The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer is Live on Kickstarter

Vi: the first true artificial intelligence personal trainer is live on Kickstarter. Vi is a combination of things. She is a warm, personal voice that lets you know when you are “in the groove”. Thanks to bio-feedback from a sleek collar that slips comfortably around the back of the wearer’s neck, Vi is a warm, friendly voice delivered to your ears through earbuds while you are running or walking. Unlike many wearable devices, Vi is easy to fold and slip into a pocket, without the usual annoying tangled wires that too often accompany earbuds. The accompanying software is an IOS or Android app that can be loaded on your Smartphone. The program uses a set of pre-recorded responses for most situations to deliver reminders, encouragement or to suggest a time for rest.

Vi responds to information gathered through the neckpiece, and transmitted to the program on the phone app. This includes heart rate, respiration, and pulse. The app combines that feedback with information from online programs such as Health Kit and Google Fit. Vi can also track the weather and help you to adjust your plans in case of precipitation or other alerts. More than that, she can keep track of your fitness history and use the data to help coach you through gaining strength, losing weight, even gaining weight if that is what you need to do. The current program is set primarily to help runners and walkers although other activities might be added later on. The AI function is the way that Vi can take the information from all of these sources and use it to counsel you during your walk or run. Using your fitness records, a caring woman’s voice will suggest something like, “You are working very hard. Slow down a little and work on your cadence.” Or she might say, “You are doing great, give it all you’ve got now! Go! Go! Go!” Then Vi will inform the runner whether he or she has bested previous records. The directions are positive and encouraging – just as a coach or trainer might be if he or she were running alongside you.

The Vi Kickstarter Crowdfunding Website is a great place to learn more about this artificial intelligence personal trainer – and a great place to find a way to get one for yourself. The sleek neckpiece and soft earbuds can be worn all day, enabling the user to listen to music, receive messages and generally conduct business hands-free – a blessing for busy people everywhere. Vi can also be programmed to keep up with appointments, calendars and similar applications by using adaptive technology to coordinate the functions. Contributions to the crowdfunding campaign can start as low as $1.00. All supporters will receive a thank you and updates on the project. Those who contribute $179 or more are in line to receive their very own Vi. Larger contributions will be rewarded with sets of Vi hardware, and with software designed to work for groups who share their goals and their exercise time.

The Vi Designers are part of LifeBeam, a company that is based in New York with offices in Israel, Los Angeles and Asia. They are a privately owned company that originally designed sensing gear for the military, pilots and astronauts. Now, they bring that expertise to earth with wearable technology that can be used to help people improve their personal fitness and their health. Imagine, if you will, wearing the same sort of technological devices as were developed to keep track of the health of astronauts and cosmonauts. Vi is designed to track, encourage and help you to improve your fitness, self-confidence and management of your personal training plan. Vi truly is the artificial intelligence personal trainer that you can fold and fit into your pocket. The Vi Artificial Intelligence Trainer is part of the LifeBeam vision of bringing wearable technology to people everywhere, and inspiring everyone to greater levels of personal fitness.

The Vi Artificial Intelligence Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign has just begun, so you have time to be part of this vision. Anyone who has ever tried to develop and exercise program on his or her own, or has tried to lose weight through sheer force of will, can understand the value of a friend who is right there always, reminding you of your goals, encouraging you to try harder or reminding you that you can’t get there all at once. That is Vi, the warm, friendly voice – helping you stay in the zone, helping you to track your day to day progress. And she does all of this with minimal human intervention – no more laborious writing in entries or creating charts by hand – and wondering if they are truly accurate. Vi can do it all, and help you adjust your workouts as you progress.