Who is W?

Who is W?

W is a super-hero. W swoops in to save the day with technological inventions, strength and expertise. But no one knows the identity of W. How can they? For she is a woman who has disguised herself as a male superhero – using a mechanical suit that masks her identity and gender. She is known only to Jay, her friend from college – and the source of a lot of her tech gimmicks – she strives to keep New York City safe.

By day, she is a woman beset with the usual troubles. She has a job; friends who don’t really know her – who can’t know her, considering her nocturnal identity. She even has a complicated romantic entanglement.

You might also ask, who is Annalisa Conti? She lives and writes in New York. She says of herself that she is a passionate writer, and that she has always dedicated herself to telling stories. She has two published novels on Amazon.com – Africa, and All the People. Her Amazon author page and her Good Reads review page tell the same story. Other than that All the People has been also published in Italian, we are left little the wiser for our search.

To know Ms. Conti, perhaps where we need to turn is to her stories. Both Africa and All the People show a deep awareness of how humans interact. They examine the depths of despair, and the slow, steady climb needed to surpass life’s difficulties and to move on. The older publication, All the People gives us a glimpse into psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Williams’ life – and into the life of Sylvia Fischer, a complicated woman. Africa is one woman’s travelogue of a visit to troubled, war-torn Africa. There she encountered the beauties and sorrows of that great continent as she travels across it. Encountering wildlife, border crossings, and more, she learns to live again after a great blow to her personal life.

W - volume 1

We can also turn to her Twitter page, https://twitter.com/annalisacontius, where we see the basis for W being born. Annalisa Conti has links to science fiction and science fact articles throughout. The link to the Vanity Fair article, “Death of the Bond Girl,” says it all.

Or does it? W has chosen to disguise herself as a man, using a mechanical suit to mask her femininity. Given Annalisa Conti’s other two novels – both of which examine the world from a woman’s point of view – what is she telling us about modern woman?

In order to bring this new work to life, she has created a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, W – Volume 1, a collection of short stories. Your contributions Kickstarter fans and literature supporters will fund publishing and marketing – items such as editing, cover design, and more. Rewards include copies of the short story, W, and signed copies of Africa – including a photo special at the upper levels of contribution. If that isn’t enough, you can even be a named character in W – Volume 2.

If you read and enjoyed Africa and All the People, this is your chance to support another fine work from this author. If you’ve not read the books, then you are in for a treat – especially if you snag your own signed copy of Africa.

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