“WholeSam” Food for LA

WholeSam Food for LA comes from a dynamic duo who have more to offer their city than Batman and Robin ever thought of offering Gotham City. This team of master chefs, Samantha Udell and Rose Kai met while working at the Sun Café Organic where Rose was executive chef, and Sam was a line cook. They have joined their food preparation skills to create delicious organic food that surpasses today’s fast food mania.

WholeSam Food is an Organic Foodie’s Delight.

Sam and Rose recognize that busy workers and families on the go don’t always have time to prepare fresh, organic foods. In the tradition of the lunch counter sandwich, there is the Chicken Sammie, which features grilled chicken topped with roasted red and Anaheim peppers, mixed greens, tomato, cucumbers dressed with a dash of lemon vinaigrette. If chicken isn’t your favorite nosh, there is the Mi So Hungry Sammie, which begins with a choice of steak, shrimp or tofu. You can wash your meal down with a super-healthy drink made from oranges, grapefruit, spinach, pineapple sage, ginger, lemon, cayenne, honey and sparkling water.


Join the WholeSam Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign.

The plan is to bring the WholeSam menu to the streets of LA via a food truck. The work already well underway, but you don’t want to miss out on the great perks this dynamic team of chefs has put together for those who contribute to their Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign. LA locals can gain perks like a free meal at their rolling lunch counter, or you can get Sam and Rose to cater your party or event. If you are just a little bit too far away for that, you can still enjoy some of their wonderful recipes because they have put together a fantastic cookbook collection of fifteen of their best recipes. They also offer Skype cooking lessons. Or your reward can be having Sam and Rose prepare a delicious meal for a needy family. You will receive photo confirmation of the event.

Campaign Funds will be Invested in a Food Truck and other Start-up Costs.

wholesam crowdfunding campaignBy now you might be wondering why such wonderful cooks need a Kickstarter to get their business going. After all, Sam, who has a thriving business acting as Personal Chef and Certified Holistic Health Coach to such renowned individuals as Ludicris, and Rose has fifteen years of experience as a chef, working with greats such as Gordon Ramsey. The funds from this campaign will go toward getting their food truck in operational order and to other business startup costs. Rose and Sam say this is wonderful, exciting and they can’t think of anything they would rather do that provide delicious food to the streets of LA, but there are some things that they must have. First off, they have the truck leased but it needs a generator, and it needs to have WholeSam advertising on the outside of it. They will also have to buy their first week’s groceries in order to make their delicious recipes. They have been saving up for this, and they are so excited about it! To fully appreciate the energy they are putting into this project you really need to view the videos displayed on the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign website. And the food pictures! You are not going to be satisfied with an ordinary fast-food burger after looking at those mouth-watering presentations.

With such wonderful recipes, great experience and joyous energy, the WholeSam team is going to succeed – you can see it! This is your opportunity to be part of bringing wholesome food to the streets of LA while getting some incredibly tasty perks for yourself.