Working Class Hero, Just an Extraordinary Ordinary Guy

Working Class Hero, Just an Extraordinary Ordinary Guy


Some stories are so strong, so vital, so vibrant that they call out to be told. Such is the story of Kyle Whistler. His parents were hard-working folk, but they were not rich. Kyle got his start at racing when he was nine years old – driving cars he and his dad put together out of spare parts. By age twenty, he was an experienced driver, and described as “a Nascar hopeful.” Along the way, a high school teacher introduced Kyle to acting, which became his second passion, and he won several awards in college and community theater.

Then tragedy struck. Kyle’s father, who had played such a huge part in his professional and personal life, was diagnosed with cancer. To pay the medical bills after his father’s death, Kyle sold the racing equipment. It took ten years, but now he is back with a lot of experience to share, and he wants to make a documentary called “Working Class Hero” so show the hard work that goes on to manage to get one car out there on the racetrack. The documentary will not only honor the team necessary to get a driver out on the track, but will also record visits that Kyle and his team of heroes pay to children’s hospitals along the race circuit. A percentage of the winnings from the season will go to charities, such as Victory Junction, a camp for seriously ill children, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk.

Working Class Hero

In an interview with Joey Mack, of Joey Mack’s Commute, Kyle says that his “day job” is entertainment. But it is easy to see that his heart is at the race track.

To fund his return to racing, Kyle has initiated a Working Class Hero Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign. If you are a fan of car racing, this is your chance to do your part to sponsor the motorsport. You will get some fun rewards for your contribution.

  • $7.00 or more to the Kickstarter Working Class Hero crowdfunding campaign will bring exclusive news directly to your inbox.
  • $17, you will have a chance to win 2 tickets to the track, including accommodations.
  • $27, add to the previous loot a video download of the documentary, plus a “Working-Class Hero” t-shirt.
  • $127, add a movie poster and hat.
  • $577, you can get a for real, actual racing tired, signed by Kyle.
  • $1077, your name showcased as a sponsor at Promenade time.
  • $5077, you can get your name painted on the hood of #77, and a trip to the races.
  • $7,777, you become an associate producer, and have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the world of movie production and racing.

Working Class Hero crowdfunding

Kyle not only brings to his team a lot of race car driving experience and skill, he also brings keen business management. He is CEO of Manifold Pictures, and has participated in the Richard Petty Driving Experience. He has not forgotten how tough it is for families when hard times happen. He is also executive Director of Soup Support, and supports Habitat for Humanity.

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